Does Your Heel Hurt In The Morning Or Whenever You Stand Up? Here’s What You Need To Know

Plantar fascia is a thin ligament which acts as a connection between the heel and the front of the feet. More than 50% Americans are experiencing foot pain which is often related to the damage of that plantar fascia and which is known as plantar fasciitis.

The main causes of plantar fasciitis are repetitive motion and weight gain and it really occurs among athletes, pregnant women, and those who work a long period of time on their feet. But, however, there are several ways to treat and prevent plantar fasciitis.

The most beneficial thing you can do is to a stretching which will loosen the tight muscles that worsen the condition.

The most effective exercises for this condition are:

Seated exercises

1. You need to roll your foot over a bottle of water or object with a similar shape for 1 minute per each foot.

2. Cross the leg over the other one, and pull to the top of your big toe. Keep this position for 15 seconds, then release and repeat it 3 times, before switching to other foot.

3. Place a folded towel under the arch of the foot and gently pull to the top so your foot will be stretched in front of you. Keep this position for 15-30 seconds then repeat it 3 times.

Calf stretches

Extend your leg in a movement like a lunge, and keep this position for 30 seconds. Make 3 repetitions for each leg.


Despite the stretching, there are other options that can prevent plantar fasciitis:

Maintain a healthy weight

The healthy weight is a security that you don’t put unnecessary pressure on your body and feet.

Exercise regularly

In order to maintain a healthy weight and properly stretch muscles and joints, you need to exercise regularly which will ensure that your ligaments are not becoming too tight.

Ensure proper support

This means that you keep the feet in a safe position and shoes are of great importance for achieving this.

Take it easy

Make sure to rest your feet and arrange your activities so that your feet won’t be exposed to a repetitive movement for a longer period of time.

Start slowly

It is very important to warm up the body before exercising because an injury can occur.



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