The Medication that Causes More Liver Failures than All Other Medications Combined

Are you aware of the fact that last year, only in the U.S, acetaminophen (branded Tylenol) was the main cause for more than 100,000 poison cases?

Tylenol was considered as the main cause for 56,000 visits to the Emergency room annually and for 450 deaths each liver caused by liver failure. Most people do not know but acetaminophen can cause more liver failures than all other medications.

However, liver failure related to the use of acetaminophen is not something new. It is scientifically shown that acetaminophen can have negative effects on our brain.

The University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia conducted a study that examined the mental effects of Tylenol.

The experts claim that pain and decision making are handled in the same part of the brain and acetaminophen actually affects both.

The test subjects were asked to choose the correct target between two given choices, and the experts test the response of their brain in that area of the brain.

When there was a mistake, people who took acetaminophen showed less brain reaction and stimulus after making the mistake, but if the results were accurate, it indicated that cognitive control and ability is impaired when taking acetaminophen.

Pregnant women should be extremely careful with the medications they take and all the side-effects that can happen. Currently, there are more than 8 studies warning about the risks of using Tylenol during pregnancy.

The studies claim that if pregnant women use acetaminophen during pregnancy it could lead to a long term neurological damage to infants.

Keep in mind that the major manufacturer of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in the U.S claims that there are no tests done to evaluate the safety of Tylenol in infants and its effects on their brain function.

There needs to be done further tests and research so you will be able to understand the potential damage of acetaminophen on brain activity.

However, considering the fact that this medication has a well-known history of causing liver damage, we should all be very careful about using this remedy because it can cause more damage than destroying our liver!



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