Relieve Headache In Just 5 Minutes No Matter How Strong It Is

A severe headache or a migraine is a terrible pain that nobody wants to deal with. There are many factors that can cause a headache, including stress and poor nutrition.

The worst part is that we can experience this type of discomfort when we are away from home, having no medication or remedy that can help us to relieve the pain.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of acupressure when it comes to relieving the headache.

So, the next time you have this awful pain, just use the acupressure technique and trust me, the pain will be gone in just 5 minutes!

Relieves Headache in Just 5 Minutes

The technique of self-massage originates from the basis of acupuncture and reflexology. So, you are probably asking yourself how is acupressure practiced, right?

Well, all you have to do is find a position where you feel relaxed and comfortable and start massaging specific areas using circular movements for a minute.

This will help to say goodbye to your headache! Check out the key areas!

1. Yintang Point

This point is called the third eye because it is located between the eyebrows, where the nose meets the forehead. Massaging this point will help you to eliminate internal fatigue.

2. Punto Zan Zhu

This point is located at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows. Massage this point if you want to reduce the secretions of your nostrils and improve the acuity of the vision.

3. Ying Xiang Points

These points can be found next to the nostrils, placed in a straight line with the eyes, below the cheekbones. Massaging these points can relieve stress, toothache, and headache.

4. Shuai Gu Points

These points are located 3 centimeters from the hair line to the side of the ears. They can be easily found because you can see some small holes. Massaging this area will relieve a headache and eye fatigue.

5. Punto He Gu

This point is found in the back of the hand, in the middle of the thumb and forefinger. Massaging this area using the acupuncture technique will relieve a toothache, back pain, and tension in the neck.

As you can see, this acupressure technique can effectively relieve certain types of aches and pains immediately. So, don’t hesitate to start using this technique. Finally, you will say goodbye to your headache!



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