Scientist Explains What Will Happen If You Wrap Your Feet With Aluminum Foil!

In this article we will explain more about aluminum foil and its healing properties which are commonly used by Chinese and Russian healers. “Practice has shown that aluminum foil can be used as a healing tool outside kitchen, where it should be used with an extreme caution.”

Aluminum foil has shown to be super efficient in treating various ailments, especially pain. It is the best remedy you can get when dealing with stabbing pain in your neck, knees, shoulders, heels and back.


Apply a piece of foil onto the affect area and watch the pain go away for good. It is because of the energy that flows into your biological active point and goes back to the meridian, where it comes from.

Bio-streams flow through your body and its active point, and later reflect and flow back to the meridian and go out. This has quite a beneficial effect on the specific organ that is related to the meridian. Such knowledge helps in relieving pain and other ailments.

Aluminum foil treatment

Cut off a piece of the aluminum foil and place it onto the affected area. Secure with a bandage, so the foil sticks onto its place. Repeat the treatment for 10-12 days, and make sure that the area you are treating is covered with aluminum foil day and night.

Make a 7-day break and repeat the treatment if necessary.

Use foil to relieve pain in your neck, commonly known as cervical spondylosis, stabbing pain in your back, arms, or joints. Aluminum foil provides amazing results in the treatment of sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, cold, heel spur, salt deposits, postoperative scarring, and gout.

Apply 5-7 layers of foil onto your feet, and do not forget to place pieces of paper or cotton between the layers. Keep your feet in such compress for an hour. Make a 2-hour break, and put the compress on again for an hour. Make another break and apply the foil. Repeat the whole procedure for a week.

S. Skvortsov, a Russian scientists, gives a closer look in the efficacy of aluminum foil. He says that particular healing therapies involve using special energy-structuring resources and items like aluminum foil.

Stem cells in our organism interact with Earth’s energy field. This energy is interrupted in so many ways. The same happens to the energy supply in stem cells. Aluminum foil has the ability to reflect Earth’s energy field and magnifies it dramatically.



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