The Danger of Antibiotics: 6 Side Effects Of Long-Term Antibiotic Use

Infection healing without any antibiotics is almost impossible. Did you know that antibiotics heal in one and harm in other place?

1. Obesity

Antibiotic usage increases the risk of obesity. The more antibiotics you take during your childhood, the higher the chances of being obese are when you get older, says epidemiologist doctor Martin Blasser.

2. Asthma

Antibiotics can destroy many bacteria, including helicobacter. This bacterium is one of the most unwanted. Even though helicobacter lowers immunity it also reduces the chances of getting asthma by 30%.

3. Stomach acids

Because of their composition (also because they destroy helicobacter) antibiotics may cause stomach acids.

4. Diabetes

Researches have shown that people who used to take lot of antibiotics when they were kids have greater chances of getting diabetes when they grow older. Antibiotics kill useful bacteria in the intestines and that is how they weaken the immune system. As a result of that, the immune system attacks the pancreas and diabetes type 1 may occur.

5. Inflammatory bowel diseases

This disease may be pretty nasty. Some Danish researchers found out that kids suffering from this disease used to take lot of antibiotics.

6. Resistance

Often usage of antibiotics may cause resistance to them and infections immune to antibiotics. This is why you need to be careful when it comes to taking antibiotics.


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