Top 10 Vitamins for Women

Women who lead a healthy lifestyle know that following a healthy diet is essential for our health. During the day, our body requires certain vitamins so it can maintain its optimal function.

Any deficiency of some vitamin can have a negative effect on your health and lead to some health complications.

What I’m trying to say is that you need to include certain foods in your diet, so your body will get all the vitamins that it requires.

Here we have a list of 10 vitamins, their benefits on our health, and foods through which you can intake them: So, check them out!

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that has the ability to strengthen the muscle tissue, skin, and bones. It is also very beneficial for your teeth and vision.

Moreover, this vitamin can reduce the aging process and the risk of chronic diseases. Vitamin A can be found in tomatoes, kale, eggs, broccoli, papaya, milk, peaches, watermelon, spinach, and red peppers.

2. Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 is also known as biotin. It is extremely important for cell growth and beneficial for brittle nails, skin, and hair. Actually, this vitamin can boost the growth of your hair and make it shinier.

Vitamin B7 can be found in milk, brown rice, egg yolk, nuts, yogurt, cheese, leafy greens, and cantaloupe.

3. Vitamin B6

This vitamin is also called Pyridoxine. It can significantly strengthen your immune system and regulate the blood sugar levels.

What is more, it is very beneficial for pregnant women since it has the ability to reduce morning sickness. Foods rich in this vitamin are bananas, fish, oatmeal, beans, dried fruits, nuts, avocado, and meats.

4. Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is extremely important for good metabolism, growth and good health. It can reduce anxiety and stress and boost your energy.

It effectively treats itchy skin, dry hair, a sore throat, cracks on the lips, and wrinkles. Vitamin B2 can be found in whole grains, nuts, soybeans, cheese, milk, yeast, eggs, and leafy greens.

5. Vitamin B12

This vitamin is essential for normal cell division and good metabolism. It has the ability to treat anemia, heart diseases, depression, and memory loss.

Moreover, it induces protein synthesis. Foods rich in this vitamin are eggs, fish, cheese, yogurt, milk, and fortified cereals.

6. Vitamin B9

Known as folic acid, vitamin B9 can effectively balance the blood pressure and prevent heart diseases. It is very beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients since it can reduce memory loss and depression.

Foods rich in vitamin B9 are strawberries, leafy greens, melons, grains, asparagus, orange juice, beans, and eggs.

7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known as a potent immunity booster. Moreover, it can promote healing and tissue growth and prevent certain types of cancer. Vitamin C can be found in kiwi, strawberries, lemons, peppers, potatoes, grapefruits, oranges, and cashews.

8. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that has the ability to improve the absorption of calcium and other nutrients. Moreover, it can reduce the risk of arthritis and sclerosis.

By 15-minutes exposure to sun during the day, you can obtain the daily requirement of this vitamin. Vitamin D can be found in fatty fish, and eggs.

9. Vitamin E

Vitamin E can reduce the aging process and prevent memory loss, hear issues, cataracts, and even prevent cancer. Foods rich in this vitamin are sunflower seeds, spinach, nuts, peanut butter, corn oil, margarine, nuts, and cod liver.

10. Vitamin K

This vitamin is known for its ability to prevent blood clotting and promote strong bones. It can also prevent heart disease and boost your energy levels. Vitamin K can be found in whole grains, leafy greens, fish oil, and soybean oil.

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