Toxins Stored In Your Fat Cells Are Making You Fat And Swollen. Here’s How To Cleanse Them

Today, we live in an environment that is just full of harmful chemicals and toxins that can only damage our body. Also, eating the unhealthy diet, that most of us follow, just makes things worse.

This means that our liver and colon can easily get blocked so they will not be able to eliminate the toxins from the body which will start accumulating and cause various problems.

Toxins come in 2 types – fat and water soluble. Our body eliminates the water-soluble toxins through urine and sweat. However, it is more complicated with fat-soluble toxins.

To be able to eliminate them, these toxins need to be turner to water-soluble toxins. This is the job of the liver. Fat-soluble toxins include food additives, pollutants, preservatives, pesticides, plastics, and heavy metals.

The liver is responsible to transform these toxins into lighter toxins which can then be eliminated.

Well, the liver is an organ which had many functions that it performs every day, so it can’t always turn the fat-soluble to water-soluble toxins. In other words, they may start accumulating in the body.

When there is a blockage of the liver and digestive tract, these two are not able to perform their function. So, the toxic fats pass through the digestive system into the small intestine, where small villi sweep them.

GALT or the body’s Gut Associated Lymphatic System which surrounds the GI tract and is very important for the removal of toxins supports this process. If the villi and GALT are performing their functions well, the toxins and chemicals will be eliminated.

However, our diet and the air pollution can cause blockage in the GALT system and villi, which leads to accumulation of toxins in the tissues.

The main symptoms of congested GALT include bloating, swelling in the breasts, hands and feet, irregular bowel movements, skin irritation, joint stiffness and hypersensitivity.

Add the dry villi to these problems and there you got- a disaster! When the GI tract produces enough mucus, we have a normal stool and we can eliminate all the toxins and chemicals.

Excess mucus causes diarrhea. If you have excess mucus in your stool, make sure to address the problem right away to prevent bigger problems.

The villi are extremely important for the process of elimination. In order to function properly, they should not be too dry or too wet.

However, their function can be disrupted by various factors including stress, coffee, unhealthy diet, hyperacidity, and additives. Proper bile production is crucial for the elimination process as well.

Our liver produces the bile, and it is responsible for processing fats, acting as the immune system of the GI tract.

Liver Congestion

High level of toxins will cause congested liver that will allow fat-soluble toxins into the bloodstream.

Eventually, they will find their way to your fat cells, accumulate there and cause various serious problems. These toxins are life-threatening and they can even reach the brain.

Eliminate Your Fat To Remove Toxins From Your Body

It is well-known that the focus of the ancient Ayurveda medicine was on melting fat and flushing out toxins from the body. In order to do this, they needed to improve the body’s metabolism.

There are different methods to burn fat (diet, exercise) and making some changes in your lifestyle is a significant part of the procedure.

Also, you should know how good the function of your digestive system is, as with a congested liver and GI tract, you will not be able to burn the fat from the body.

Diarrhea, constipation and excessive mucus in the stool indicate that the detox pathways are blocked. There are certain rules that will help you to unclog them effectively.

Eating a healthy diet rich in fiber and anti-inflammatory along with the following recipe will help you to decongest your body in a natural way.

Liver Cleansing Recipe

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 grapefruit
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • Apple juice
  • 4 tablespoons Epsom salt


In 3 cups of water, add the Epsom salt. Transfer the mixture to a jar and store it in the fridge. Start the procedure by avoiding any food or drinks at 2 pm.

You should drink ¾ of the mixture, 4 hours later (6 pm). At 8 pm, 2 hours later, drink the same amount of the mixture. After this step the liver flush will start soon, so make sure not to do anything.

At 9:45 pm, pour olive oil in ½ a cup. Squeeze the grapefruit in and transfer the mixture in a jar. Close it and shake well. Drink the mixture at 10 pm. You are supposed to drink it in a maximum of 5 minutes.

When you get up, you should drink ¾ of the mixture and go to sleep for another few hours. Two hours later, you should drink the last dosage of the mixture. Then, 2 hours after, make sure to eat some food.

This cleansing recipe will eliminate all the accumulated toxins and fat from your liver and maintain the proper function of your organs. It detoxifies your body and boosts your metabolism, thus aiding weight loss.


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