Why Is This Hidden From The Public: Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

We give you 10 common causes of cancer that you are exposed to on a daily basis. This information has been hidden from public’s eyes only because people’s ignorance brings huge profit to the Big Pharma.

1. Hormone-laden milk and meat

Animals are given artificial hormones to obtain more milk and meat. What you do not know is that these hormones trigger inflammation, cancer development and many health issues.

2. Mammography, dental x-rays and airport scanners

When doing a mammography you are required to wear protective switches on particular body parts that you need scanned. The same applies to dental x-rays. Wonder why? Well, these rays are dangerous and health threatening; experts claim that they may cause cancer as well.

3. Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants

Breast cancer is most common in that part of your body near the armpits. This s the very same area you spray your deodorant on. Unfortunately, popular brands contain aluminum and other harmful ingredients. Always go for organic deodorants or you can just make your own at home

4. Toxic cosmetics

Moisturizing or anti-age creams are a common product in every woman’s purse. You use these and many other products on a daily basis. These are supposed to make your skin nice, soft and firm, but they do exactly the opposite, and we are sure that your skin does not really like them. Cosmetic products usually contain tar or petroleum, or both. These toxins affect skin and damage its structure, creating a perfect soil for cancer development. You may want to stick to homemade skincare creams and lotions. And please, get rid of the artificial trash as soon as possible!

5. GMO soy and corn

Americans buy genetically modified soy and soy milk. Both products are loaded with hemaglutinin, which turns red blood cells into clots. Soy is also packed with estrogen. If you are a huge fan of milk, always purchase an organic product, regardless of whether it is cow or goat milk.

6. Artificial sweeteners

Refined sugar is obtained by processing genetically modified sugar beets. In addition to all the bad things associated with this product, you have to know that it increases insulin levels as well. Soda cans are ‘enriched’ with fructose which causes cancer. Caramel color is also added to the tasty drink, and it is known as a carcinogen ingredient. Soda creates an acidic environment in the body. This affects health and stimulates cancer growth and spreading. Avoid refined sugars and always choose organic and homemade juices.

7. Fluoridated water

Fluoride affects water quality and flushes essential minerals out of the body. This is bad for your immunity, so you better stick to natural, spring water.

8. Medicines and vaccines

Finding a doctor you can trust is the best thing you can do to your body. Why? They will keep you close to healthy lifestyle habits and anti-cancer diet. Say ‘no’ to medicines whose only purpose is to bring profit to the pharmaceutical industry.

9. Canned food

Cans contain bisphenol-A, or BPA. It is a product that affects brain cells in laboratory rats. BPA is commonly found in plastic, water lines, thermal paper and even dental composites.

10. Commercial soap, shampoo, toothpaste and cream

Everything you use to fix your hair, improve your skin complexion or maintain your oral health reaches your blood stream and fills it with dirt and cancer-causing byproducts. As we already explained, always use organic or homemade cosmetics, if possible. ‘If you do not put it in your mouth, there is no reason for you to put it on your skin neither.’ Remember that one?

Source: www.weeklyhealthylife.com

Original article source: www.fitbodycenter.com Republished with permission


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