10 Efficient Ways To Get Rid of Hiccups In Less Than a Minute

Hiccups are often caused by carbonated drinks, quick swallowing or overeating, strong emotions like fear, excitement, and large amounts of alcohol…

Your hiccup will sure disappear in a few minutes, but every single person on the Earth finds it frustrating and tries to cure it as soon as possible.

So, every time a hiccup appears out of nowhere, we suggest that you try some of these home remedies and methods that will efficiently stop that boring hiccup in a quick and simple way:

1. Apple cider vinegar

Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to a teaspoon and slowly moisten your oral cavity. The acid will help your organism to get rid of the hiccup easily.

2. Refined white sugar

A teaspoon of raffinated sugar is one of the most efficient hiccup. Make your you drink a glass of water after taking the sugar.

3. Water

Water is also considered to be one of the most powerful cures for hiccup. Drink some water, taking one sip at a time, and make some small breaks in between. Make sure that you keep your head straight.

4. Salt and yoghurt

Yoghurt will help you get rid of that irritating hiccup, but it is even more efficient if you add 2 tablespoons of salt to half a cup of yoghurt. Mix the two ingredients together and drink the remedy, taking sip by sip, and making some small breaks after every sip.

5. Fruit

Citrus fruits can really help you when it comes to curing a hiccup. You can use lemons, oranges, lime.. the choice is yours. Simply eat any of these fruits and the hiccup will soon disappear. If you decide to go for a lemon, you may want to sprinkle some sugar over the slices when you eat it.

6. Breathe in a paper bag

Take a paper bag and cover both your nose and mouth with it, and breathe for a few minutes. Breathing in a paper bag increases the dioxide level in your blood.

7. Put your index fingers in the ears

Maybe it sounds strange to you, but this method has actually helped a lot of people to cure hiccups. In this way you stimulate the nerves connected to the diaphragm which stops the hiccup.

8. Keep your breath

Take a deep breath and start counting. Count as long as you can hold your breath and repeat the procedure as many times as you need it, or until the hiccup is gone. Usually it stops after the very first attempt.

9. Raise your arms high

Try walking or standing with your arms high up in the air. Breathe deeply and wait for a few minutes, the hiccup should soon be gone.

10. Stale bread

Eating some stale bread and gently touching the upper palate using your tongue are just some other ways you can use to cure a hiccup.


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