10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Without Exercising

Speeding up your metabolism in less than a few minutes is possible even without dieting or hard exercise.

Here is how:

1. As soon as you wake up. Have two glasses of cold water. If you practice this for more than a year, you will lose 2-3 kilos.

2. Put your laptop on a high stand. Whenever you sit, you rarely use any muscle in your body so make sure to work on your laptop standing up for an hour or two every day.

3. When you take a shower, use warm water for 2-3 minutes and then, for the next 30-45 seconds use cold water. After the shower your blood flow will increase.

4. Regular 8-hour- sleep will boost your metabolism twice as much unlike a night without any sleep.

5. Eating should begin later in the day, for example- healthy breakfast should start at 9 and dinner should be done at 18 o’clock. Afterwards, drink plenty of water.

6. It is no mystery that spicy food cuts down kilograms and improves food digestion, circulation and increases the energy level. Thus, those hot peppers can only do your body justice.

7. If possible, consume as much coconut oil as possible in your nutrition. The coconut oil is the purest oil for consumption because instead of depositing fats, it contains fat acids which absorb and digest quickly.

8. Fiber-rich groceries are another contribution when it comes to metabolism boost.  Wild rice is highly recommended since it has twice as much fiber as the brown rice; whole-grain pasta is also favorable.

9. Studies have shown that green tea is the best solution if you want to lose extra kilos. Drinking two cups of tea in the morning will provide your body with caffeine and catechin -- both of which help boost your metabolism.

10. Proteins and calcium found in yoghurt and sour cream are the greatest groceries for an afternoon snack. Drink half a glass of yoghurt or sour cream with pineapple to reach instant metabolism boost.


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