10 Things Money Cannot Buy

Who doesn’t like having money? Money provides security, stability and an overall sense of accomplishment. However, taking it back to nature and what humans are all about, money has little to do with how we feel or what we need.

For some, money is the key to happiness, but solely a material one. Truth be told, there are no real and attainable satisfactions which money can buy.

We all know stories of wealthy people, suffering from depression, loneliness, and isolation. We also know the stories of poor families, whose lives revolve about making the most of each day.

Thinking about it, money is a problem solver to some degree. But, how does money work when you are afraid, alone and detached? Will you take pride in the money you earn in return for feeling dominant over others? And, ultimately, are you sure that you have it all just because your wallet is packed?

Yes, it is okay to want to have more money and an easygoing life, but making a difference between what money can buy and can’t is a must.

10 Things Money Can’t Buy

1. Love and Affection

Sure, money can provide you with lust, control, attraction, but it cannot buy you, love. To many riches, money means being able to find someone fit to your standards.

But, the problem is, you will never know whether this ‘bought’ person would stand by your side – rich and poor. In fact, give it a try, take money out of the picture and see who sticks around.

Chances are, you’ll be left with your closest friends and family, who care about you, not your bank account figures.

2. Truth

Money is a great marketing campaign, and we tend to believe it bring us the truth. However, money can buy an opinion, or an agenda, but not necessarily the truth. Money wins in some cases, but with the truth lurking around the corner – no cash can beat that.

3. Time

Unfortunately, what we crave the most, time, is not a thing money can purchase. Time spares no man and keeps going, whether we pay for it or not.  Loads of green ones have been put into research, trying to break the chains of ever-passing time…all in vain.

Money can guarantee a more sophisticated life, but it cannot ensure you will have the time to love those closest to you, fulfill your dreams, or go back to fix what’s been broken.

4. Peace

You can buy entertainment, but when you are left with your own thoughts, money do you no favor.

Peace is also a topic of discussion among leaders who think they can buy harmony with money. Open up a few wars here and there, and calling it the race for peace…sounds kind of fishy, right?

Peace is a state of mind and a given human right that we cannot turn into a bill…no matter how hard we try to pay for it.

5. Talent

The gifts and abilities that you possess in your mind and body are priceless. While money can certainly help develop a talent, it will never be able to purchase a talent or skill.

Aside from innate talent, there is the ability to learn a skill or talent; this will never be able to be purchased with any amount of money. The mental processes and dexterity of the mind and body will never be purchasable…they are invaluable.

6. Health

Money can guarantee you finer medical staff, the ultimate medications around and the greatest service available at pricey hospitals. But, what cash cannot by is your health.

Unfortunately, health is something we care for on our own. We cannot pay for healthy body, mind, and soul.

We can also pay for cosmetics and pricey treatments, but we cannot preserve our youth…we can only take care of it the best way we know how, by loving our bodies and keeping our emotional health in check.

7. Class

Money is unable to buy you class and manners. Rudeness stems from all over the place, while kindness cannot be purchased on discount.

Money can send you in the upper class but does not give you class. That is something which, luckily, credit to our home education and upbringing.

8. Friends

With money, you can find like-minded individuals or acquaintances who want to hang out with you, knowing you are wealthy and powerful.

But, in terms of having true friends, money has very little to do with it. The concept of friendship extends far beyond having a few extra bucks in your pock…ultimately it is the quality of person you keeps your friends by your side.

9. Knowledge

Information can be bought with money, but that does not give you knowledge. Even acquiring a University degree doesn’t make you knowledgeable in all things, just a narrowed-down specter of information.

Despite this, many confuse knowledge with dominance, but when push comes to shove, intelligence always triumphs over wealth.

10. Acceptance

Cash will never, ever buy people’s approval. Unfortunately, the same goes for presence. You only have one life, and while it is alright to crave a greater profit, it won’t make you more appealing to others.

Wait, There’s More!

While for some money can buy pleasantries and commodities, it definitely cannot provide it all. Let’s look at things which money can buy but cannot provide:

  • You can buy a house, but never a home.
  • Money buys you power, but not friendship or true respect and loyalty.
  • Money will buy you the best professional position, but cannot buy you the sense of accomplishment and self-worth.
  • You can pay for the finest trips in life, but can never buy the experiences and memories.
  • Money earns you leisure, but cannot buy your purpose in life.
  • Money will bring you the latest in technology, but will never buy well-raised children.
  • You can spend money on indulging yourself, but can never pay for inner peace.
  • Money can land you in the highest circles of society but cannot buy you morals, ethics or character.
  • With money, you can buy the life you dreamt of, but cannot buy happiness or fulfillment.

Ultimately, money works in your favor and can alleviate life to some degree, but compensating by spending more is never the key to finding internal serenity.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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