10 Things Money Can’t Buy

Money can give you so many things. You can buy a nice car, a gorgeous home with a huge garden or branded clothes. But, money can’t buy you love. There are so many things money can’t buy. We have listed some of them.

“Money has never made man happy, nor will it; there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.”­ – Benjamin Franklin

Money gives you security. You need money to survive. Being poor is the least ideal scenario. Having money on your bank account is actually good.

But, this doesn’t mean that your entire life revolves around money. You’ve noticed all the rich people who struggle with addiction, alcohol and depression?

Robin Williams was one of the best actors on planet Earth, but his depression made him put an end to his life. He was a wealthy person, but all the money he had couldn’t save him.

10 things money can’t buy

1. Love

Money can give you lust and power, but you will never get love. Love is a lot deeper than your lust. Money is a tool for exchange, and we use it to pay for a service.

Money gives you comfort but never love. We live in a world that craves for wealth and luxury, and this leads to false values and misconceptions.

2. Truth

Money can give you power and influence. But, you can’t buy the truth. You can spend millions to hide the truth, but it will always find its way.

3. Time

Time doesn’t stop. You can’t turn it back. Even this moment won’t come back.

The medicine has advanced a lot, but the most powerful doctor can’t make you immortal. You can’t live forever.

Live the moment, and don’t waste your life on meaningless debates and empty relationships.

4. Peace

It’s really important that we embrace our negative experience and turn it onto something positive. Governments spend billions in the name of peace, but people keep dying.

5. Talent

Money can’t give you skills. You can buy auditions and tutors, but you will never buy talent. You are either talented or not. Talent is something you have deep inside you.

6. Health

Money can buy you treatments and therapies, but it can’t restore your natural health. Physical activity, prevention and self-care cost nothing.

We see all those people who spend millions to stay “young and beautiful.” But, wrinkles are beautiful, and natural beauty has no price. Implants and surgeries won’t help you stay young forever.

7. Manners/class

Money will launch you into the higher class, but it won’t make you classy. Some celebrities have billions on their bank account, but they don’t have class. That’s all.

8. True friends

Money will attract people, but true friends won’t even think of your money. Real friends will love you for your personality.

You don’t need people who only think of your money. Learn how to spot the right friends.

9. Knowledge

Money will send you to the top universities, but it won’t put knowledge in your head. Yes, money sometimes gives you power, but it won’t give you knowledge. Some powerful people use counselors to make a decision. Wonder why? You already know the answer.

10. Presence and acceptance

Being present in someone’s like can’t be bought with money. It’s really important that you show up all the time.

You can’t make others like you. Your money can’t buy you respect. You can’t make others accept you.



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