10 Ways The Earth Is Healing From The Global Lockdown

COVID-19 forces us to stay home, and gives nature enough room to breathe and recover. We’ve read so many promising stories that confirm this. Yes, the coronavirus keeps us in quarantine while giving Earth time to recover.

Let’s be honest. We’ve caused an almost irreversible damage to our lands, water and air. The pandemic is doing Earth a favor.

10 ways planet Earth heals herself during global lockdown: 

1. Reduced air pollution

Experts have confirmed that the levels of pollution have marked a significant drop. People in China and Italy are finally able to see the blue sky. From their windows, of course. People aren’t allowed to travel during lockdown, and this means lower use of vehicles. Traveling abroad isn’t allowed, and most countries have closed their borders.

Air pollution was a number one problem for environmentalist. Nature decided to give them a hand in the process. Satellite images have shown a drastic improvement in air quality around the world.

The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) confirmed a dramatic drop in surface particulate matter in China in March. There was a 20-30% decrease in air pollution levels in China.

2. Venice waters are clear

Finally! Locals were able to see fish swimming in canals. The water in these canals used to be murky. Well, Italians are staying at home, and fish are finally able to swim in crystal clear water.

3. Family bonding

When was the last time you had a dinner with your family? We are all too busy, and family dinners are no longer a priority. Well, COVID-19 has a plan for you. It involves staying at home with your family. This gives you a perfect chance to bond with your family and solve any problem you may have.

We are forced to stay at home now. We are forced to spend more time with our loved ones. Sadly, a pandemic had to happen for us to have a decent dinner with our family. We are restoring values. We help people in need.

4. Comforting others

We watched videos of Italians who sing together on their balconies. They play instruments, and we really liked the police officers who danced in the streets. See? We are ready to cheer up our neighbors. We are ready to help them smile again.

Being hit with a pandemic was the last thing we needed at the moment. But, this pandemic helped us become better people. We started understanding and accepting real values.

5. Dolphins swim in Mumbai waters

There was a video showing dolphins swimming in the Arabian Sea. The video became viral, and the world loved it. Dolphins don’t usually swim in Mumbai waters, and this sight made us feel good.

6. No borders

Chinese doctors travelled all the way to Italy to help the country fight the outbreak. They sent 10,000 pulmonary ventilators, 2 million face masks, and 20,000 protective suits. The US sent 17.8 tons of medical supplies to China. No borders! We are together in this one.

7. Animals invade large cities

Birds arrived in Wuhan when the traffic was shut down. Birds usually avoid crowds, but Wuhan residents were able to hear them after a really long time.

Deer wander in Nara, Japan. We saw them in Britain, too. Monkeys jump around the Prang Sam Yot Temple. The place is crowded with tourists and monkeys avoid it. Today, they arrived at the temple to look for food.

8. Dogs help others

In Austin, a therapy dog helps others despite social distancing guidelines. Great Dane Tonka and her human friend Courtney visit nursing homes. Of course, they don’t go inside, but they carry sweet notes and signs to cheer up residents.

Animal are really helpful. They are our best friends. Luckily, we all have a dog or pet in the neighborhood to keep us smiling in these hard times.

9. The sky is blue

People in Hubei, China breathe clean air. The quality of air improved by 21.5%. From February 3 to March 1, CO2 emissions dropped by 25%. This lockdown is doing us a favor. The information was confirmed by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air.

We saw the blue skies in the Bay Area and Italy. No more gray clouds.

10. The most important thing on this planet

It was never about likes and shares. Our happiness has nothing to do with money or our personal belongings. It’s about keeping a positive mindset and making great memories. Our planet needs us and we need its power.

The coronavirus has taken over 60,000 lives, and authorities warn that the peak has yet to arrive. But, the pandemic is teaching us how to b friendly, humble, loving and caring. Learn the lesson, people!



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