10 Ways to Attract More Positive Relationships

Having and maintaining good relationships with the people close to you is beneficial in many ways, and you can really never have too many good and positive people around you.

Studies have even found that people with a long lifespan are often surrounded by positive individuals. Below we’ve listed ten ways for you to attract and preserve good relationships in your life.

1. Always think and try to be positive

Negativity tends to keep people at bay. But negative thoughts can be damaging not only to the people around you, but to your happiness and overall well-being as well.

That is why it is crucial to get over your negative thoughts, no matter how justified they are, as quickly as possible and look for different, more suitable people and situations, and you will eventually attract the right people in your life and find your place.

2. Do not complain or allow others to complain to you

Every one of us needs to blow off some steam and vent our frustrations and complaints every now and then. And this wouldn’t be an issue if it occurs at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

If these complaints and grievances, however, continue for an extended period of time, they might exacerbate your relationship.

3. Love yourself first and you will emanate love around others

It is quite impossible to maintain positive relationships in your life if you have an inferiority complex and fail to appreciate yourself for who you are.

You are your priority in your life and once you accept that, and the positivity and optimism start reflecting in your behavior and demeanor, you will attract the right people and foster healthy relationships.

4. Avoid living in the past but do not try to overlook it

Every single one of us undoubtedly has a thing or two from the past that keep haunting our steps, and, despite our best efforts, we just cannot seem to rid ourselves of it, because it is part of us, because it happened.

But it is not about forgetting what happened, it is about unburdening ourselves from the emotional hold that particular thing has on us.

If anything, we should be grateful for the lessons past mistakes have taught us, but we must not allow it to meddle in the choices and decision we make in the present.

5. Hold on to your strengths

Our power derives from our firm belief in our ability and what we feel possible we can do, and once we start believing what others think we can do, we start losing that power. And the thing is, it is not even something it can be taken by force, it is something we often give away unknowingly.

You, and you alone truly know your worth. It is seemly to listen to what others have to say, but always be skeptical and stand up for what you believe is true. No one can and should take your opinion and belief from you.

Of course, most people always welcome praise and commendation with open arms but spurn criticism. However, not all praise is true and it can give a false sense of value. Just hold on to your beliefs – whatever they are – and you will ultimately invite the right people in your life.

6. Do not see “no” as negative

Although it is negative in connotation, a simple “no” can pull you through an experience not right for you, and allow you to appreciate and honor things that truly matter and keep at bay things that only drain your energy and power.

7. Look for the silver lining in all experiences

It may sound hackneyed and worn out, but always try to look on the bright side of an experience, no matter how trying it appears to be, and this will lure all the right people into your life.

In order for you to be surrounded by positive and cheerful individuals, you yourself must try to stay positive and optimistic no matter how gloomy a situation seems.

8. See the best in people

Everyone wants to have their best traits acknowledged, so instead of automatically pinpointing the flaws and shortcomings of a person or a situation, it is time to perceive the good in a relationship.

Also, be sure when speaking of a person’s positive attributes not to flatter, make small talk or be politically correct.

For example, if you know someone — a co-worker or friend — who is disgruntled or agitated, don’t adopt the same behavior from them, instead try to comment on something positive they’ve done to lighten the mood with a note of levity.

9. Sincere giving generates abundance.

When you give you are supposed to feel good about it, if not, something’s amiss. Giving should be soulful, sincere, and utterly selfless and should make you feel good about yourself.

When you give sincerely, you should expect nothing in return. Never consider giving as an obligation and people are sure to notice when something’s given to them wholeheartedly.

10. Trust your instinct to make smart choices

If you are not wary, relationships could turn treacherous. We tend to judge someone by how educated they are, how good they look, where they work, depending on many different circumstances.

But, as always, there’s much more to everyone than meets the eye, and some people like to be enigmatic and withhold their true, sometimes baleful, natures, which is where your intuition comes in. Trust your intuition to make prudent decisions about individuals you have mixed feelings.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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