11 Signs of A True Friendship

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and important aspects of life, but apparently, true friends are always hard to find.

Nowadays especially, due to the changes ways of communication and social media, people become more distant and unreliable, so it is essential that you have a true and tried friend close by.

Here are 11 telltale signs of a true friendship:

1. True friends are not possessive or jealous, they are completely fine with the fact that you need and will have other friends as well;

2. The close relationship one builds with a true friend is full of funny memories and inside jokes that last a lifetime;

3. True friends accept you as you are, together with your flaws and best personality traits, even though they do not need to always agree with you;

4. True friends are there for you in hard times, support you, and help you in the most difficult moments in life;

5. True friends are happy for your success in life and are proud when you reach your goals;

6. True friends make you happier, excited, and bring positivity into your life;

7. Even if you are not completely comfortable with it, true friends will always tell you the real truth in your eyes, even though it might hurt;

8. True friends forgive you and do not blow things out of proportions, as they know that your intentions are good;

9. A real friend will never talk about you behind your back, as they respect you too much in order not to spread rumors;

10. A real friend keeps your secrets, wildest fantasies and dreams, details about your life, and you feel completely comfortable with them;

11. True friends show interest to spend their time with you and you do not need to chase them in order to have them in your life, as they will meet you halfway.

Yet, remember that in order to receive true love and respect by a friend, you have to offer the same in return. Make sure you also offer qualities that will make other people want to spend their time with you.

We all have different desires and needs when it comes to friendship, and no friend is perfect, so make sure you also accept others as they are and be prepared to forgive a mistake.

What matters the most is that you give and receive the full support, love, and respect that are pillars of a good and lasting friendship.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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