11 Warning Signs Your Body Gives You When You’re Too Stressed

The level of stress in your life plays a huge role, and it can affect your health, both mental and physical. However, knowing what causes your stress is essential and it means that you can finally start working on it and terminate the issue.

If stress constantly controls you, it can inflict conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.

From one person to another, everybody deals with stressful situations differently. Some people don’t show emotions but they are constantly beating themselves deeply inside, while others have no problem with showing signs of stress.

However, without stress, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals because we need something that will constantly push us.

On the other side, there is a limit for the stress level, and having your stress on high levels can result in a physical or mental condition.

The brain of the human being has an alarm that starts to act whenever a threat is noticed. Whenever you feel stressed, your body releases hormones which deal with the stress, and this matter is called the “fight-or-flight response.”

When you deal with the cause of stress, your body goes back to normal. For some people who are constantly exposed to stressful situations, this is quite hard and they can’t return to their normal state and relax.

People who are not able to deal with stress the way it is supposed to can suffer from serious chronic conditions. The most important part is to understand the symptoms of stress in order to deal with it and eliminate it from your life.

We will explain 11 symptoms that show if your stress levels are increasing more and more every day.

1. Migraines or headaches

Whenever you feel stressed, you probably feel a strange tension in your head.  This can result in migraines or headaches that are hard to treat.

Symptoms of this condition are painful feeling on both sides of the head and neck, tension in the shoulder muscles, neck and scalp and feeling of pressure in the head.

2. Chest Pain

High levels of stress can affect your chest and cause a sensation of pressure. These chests pains are usually described as intolerable and sharp. This happens due to the tension that stress can inflict to your body.

3. Hair Loss

As we mentioned, stress in your life can inflict changes in your physical look, such as sudden hair loss. One condition that results in hair loss is telogen effluvium which is caused by stress.

The good thing is that this condition is temporary, but if you are stressed for a longer period of time, the hair loss can be activated again.

4. Decrease in Libido

Your sex life can be ruined if you can’t cope with stress in a way that you are supposed to. This happens because stress can decrease the production of hormones in your system which can lead to mood swings and decreased sex drive.

5. Low concentration and focus

When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol which is responsible for the levels of stress that you are experiencing. This can exhaust your brain and ruin your concentration and focus.

6. Memory Problems

Similar to the issue with concentration, stress can affect your memorizing abilities. Especially chronic stress, because it can lead to loss of memory in a short term.

7. Issues with your stomach

Another physical issue that is inflicted by stress. You can experience stomachache, bloating, intestinal discomfort and stomach cramping.

The reason behind is that stress attacks your abdominal area and affect your muscles leading to pain and discomfort.

8. Weight changes

Chronic stress can affect your body and its weight and can even lead to obesity. Also, your stress hormone – cortisol, has tight ties with your appetite and level of hunger. Depending on the durance of stress in your life, you can either lose or gain weight.

9. Heart Palpitations

Even though heart palpitations can’t be that harmful, they can feel terrible and scary. They can be inflicted by stress altogether with big intakes of alcohol, caffeine or nicotine.

Decreasing your stress level can be achieved faster if you slow down on these bad habits.

10. Pain in the Muscles or Joints

Stress can also affect your muscles which can be difficult especially if you are constantly physically active. If you find it hard to cope with stress in your everyday life for a long period of time, you might experience sudden and long pain in your joints and muscles.

11. Weird and Unexplainable Mental and Physical Symptoms

Explaining your stress can be really complicated which can lead to even more stress. It is a strange matter knowing that inflicts numerous kinds of diseases and conditions.

This means that if you are stressed constantly, it might reflect on your life and cause serious damage.

As you can see, stress doesn’t affect only your mental state, but your physical too. Here are several remedies that you need to include in your life in order to decrease the stress that you digest every day.

Stress Control Remedies

  • Seek medical attention, schedule a meeting with an expert who can talk to you and understand your mental state.
  • Start an exercising regime, but with low intensity such as yoga, hiking or jogging
  • Meditate
  • Ask for support from the closest people because the people you love can calm you down even in your worst days
  • Find a hobby for yourself or a calming activity
  • Sleep around 7 to 8 hours every night


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