12 Signs the Guy You Love Respects You

Being in a relationship should not come at a cost. In fact, finding a partner who is worthy of your time and efforts is more than essential in guaranteeing a lasting and functional relationship. To learn the criteria which make a guy worth the trouble, have a look at the list below.

How to Tell If a Guy is Right for You?

1. He cares for your opinion

A guy who sticks around will always take your opinion into consideration. He will rely on you, whether it is a matter of work, friends, personal issues or else.

2. He will let you have your freedom

He will give you space when you need it, and will not interfere with the way your handle your responsibilities. At the same time, he will be your support system, trusting that you can overcome every hurdle in your way.

3. He won’t get jealous

If a guy comes into your life to stay, he won’t get jealous over silly things. Also, he won’t go over your phone but will trust your judgment with confidence and support.

4. He will always be honest with you

Regardless of the news, good or bad, a partner who loves you will always be open with you. His tendency to share will come from a place of feeling safe around you, knowing you’ll have his back like he has yours.

5. He will always take your side

He will support you in all you do, whether he approves of it or not. In addition, he will support your opinions, hear you out and always have your best interests at heart.

6. He won’t leave you hanging on

Instead of making you work for his attention, the perfect partner will always show up when you need him. He won’t break promises he’s made and won’t cancel on your plans. And even if he does, he will apologize wholeheartedly…and mean it.

7. He will push you to be better

A guy who truly loves you will help you step out of your comfort zone and will motivate you to excel in all you do. He will also trust your decisions and will stand by your side in the good times and the bad.

8. He won’t hesitate being with you

A respectful and loving man will know that you can make proper judgments and won’t try to change your mind.

9. He will never lie to you

A guy who really loves and appreciates you will not keep secrets or be deceiving around you. Instead, he will share even the most embarrassing details with you, knowing you will always be understanding.

10. He knows how to manage disagreements

A guy who wants to be with you will never take your arguments too far. Quite the opposite, he will know that it is okay to have disagreements at times, and he’ll know exactly how to solve them.

11. He will take you on a date

No matter how long you have been together, a guy who loves you will always make time for dates. He will also know that spending quality time together matters and he will show up for you each and every time.

12. He won’t be afraid to define your relationship

When a guy cares for you, he will not keep your relationship a secret. He won’t make you question your bond, but will always tell you exactly where you stand.

Just to be on the safe side, here are the signs of a toxic relationship:

  • You feel bad and unhappy, even though you put in the effort to make the relationship work.
  • You feel that your behavior is questioned all the time as if you are not doing enough.
  • You avoid debating and arguing, feeling nothing good will come out of it.
  • There is no effort on his behalf to work on the relationship.
  • You feel as if you are the only one adjusting and compromising in the relationship.
  • You feel blamed and attacked, instead of being supported and understood.
  • Passive aggressive behaviors which make you feel vulnerable and defensive for no reason.
  • Nothing is ever resolved, and you seem to be the only one trying to fix the relationship.

Life is too short to be stuck in a relationship that does not work. Have the courage to move on from a toxic relationship, never settling for anything less than what you deserve.

Source: goodmenproject.com


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