13 Signs You Are A Mentally Strong Person

Do you consider yourself a strong person? You don’t need someone to tell you that. According to experts, there’s one definitive predictor of success. Mental toughness. Some like to call it willpower or stubbornness. It’s all about pushing yourself to become e better person.

How to tell if you are a strong? Here are a few signs:

1. Great EQ and IQ

Mentally strong people are emotional. Strong people know how to balance their emotions with logic. A strong person will tell you that emotions don’t have an impact on one’s success.

Emotions help you make better decisions. Of course, you have to find the right balance. However, don’t let emotions consume you.

2. You’re aware of your weakness

Strong people are aware of their weakness, but keep trying to accomplish their goals. These people are determined to succeed despite their weaknesses. They go the other way round. A weakness is just a challenge you should overcome. Don’t stop.

3. You handle failure with ease

Failure is a sign that you have grown bigger. It brings you closer to your goal. Use your failure as a motivation. Life gives you good lessons. Use them to achieve greater success.

4. You know when to move on

Strong people are stubborn. However, they can recognize the right moment to walk away. Alan Bernstein and Peg Streep wrote a book on this topic. “Mastering the Art of Quitting” offers a nice point of view.

“Quitting sometimes requires a huge leap of faith—imagining an as-yet unrealized future—and a willingness to take on the possibility of failure, along with the emotional fallout that accompanies it.”

“Sunk cost fallacy” is a phenomenon that describes one’s willingness to continue to aim at a certain goal just because you have invested a lot of time and energy into it. However, a strong person will recognize the limit.

5. You focus on “intrinsic motivations”

“Intrinsic motivations are internal motives that come from within you.”

Instead of focusing on your money and popularity, you work on all the things that make you happy. You try to do better and be better. You encourage yourself to be stronger. That’s your biggest reward. For mentally strong people, success comes from within.

6. You’re self-directed

A strong person will never wait for things to happen. You trigger actions and set goals. A study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, elite athletes set goals to develop mental toughness. This habit is the best contributor. So, try to set up a goal and get into action.

7. Life is a circle

Strong people know there are ups and downs in life. It’s never too good or too bad. Things change and they are fine with these changes. Failure and problems are just part of your life.

8. Commitment is important for you

Strong people do it all or don’t even start it. Researchers Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk explain that commitment helps athletes “survive” pain and exhaustion. Strong people commit themselves 100% to everything they do. There are setbacks, but you overcome them.

9. You adapt

Strong people adapt to the environment to succeed in life. Changes can’t be stopped, and strong people accept them. That’s their way of doing things. That’s how they succeed.

10. Self-improvement is necessary and self-acceptance is important

Self-improvement is sometimes misunderstood. People sometimes forget how to be happy with what they have. Strong people know how to balance things. They learn things, improve themselves and discover new field. But, they do it with self-acceptance.

11. You are generous

Strong people share their knowledge and help others become better people. They are happy for other people’s success. Strong people never see others as a competition. Jealousy doesn’t exist in their vocabulary

12. You are humble

Strong people never show off. They never post videos of their success. They never brag around. Strong people focus their energy on improving their skills.

13. You are true to yourself

Strong people don’t pay much attention to other people’s opinion. They live life in their own terms. Strong people accept adversity, take personal accountability and refuse to stay put. They are unique, and we love them!



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