15 Almost Zero Calorie Foods to Help You Slim Down

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, the only way to successfully do so is by reducing your caloric intake and burning more calories than you consume. It’s as simple as that; however, while this weight loss equation may sound easy, it can be a lot harder than it seems.

It seems that foods that are low in calories either don’t offer enough nutrients, or they don’t fill you up; thus, you end up grabbing for foods that are higher in calories than you’d like because you can’t seem to satiate your hunger pangs.

Well, you don’t have to run for those calorie-packed foods anymore.

Here are 15 foods that are actually packed with nutrients and are virtually calorie-free.

1. Asparagus

You may have hated it when you were a kid, but give it another try now that you’re an adult. Your taste buds change, so you’ll more than likely enjoy the flavor, and this nutrient-dense veggie on has 27 calories per cup!

2. Brussel Sprouts

With just 38 calories per serving, phytonutrients and fiber, you can fill up on Brussel Sprouts and not feel bad about it.

3. Arugula

This may be a food that you haven’t given much thought to before, but it is one that you should certainly think a lot more about. Arugula packs a ton of flavor – and nutrients – into virtually no calories. There’s only 4 calories per cup of this peppery-tasting leafy green, and it’s packed with potassium, fiber and vitamins.

4. Broccoli

Your mom knew what she was talking about when she said to eat your broccoli. With only 31 calories per cup and tons of nutrients, this veggie is super good for you.

5. Cauliflower

This cruciferous veggie boasts cancer-fighting nutrients, as well as vitamins, is filling and has virtually no calories.

6. Cabbage ­

It only has 22 calories per cup, it contains cancer-fighting nutrients, as well as tons of vitamins and it’s sweet and crunchy.

7. Lettuce

Bring on any type of leafy green lettuce and you’ll feel full without gaining a pound. At only 5 calories per cup and bursting with nutrients, this is definitely a veggie you’ll want to get more of.

8. Beets

They’re delicious, they’re healthy, they’re low in calories AND they’re beautiful. Beets have just 37 calories per ½ cup serving.

9. Coffee

Bring on that morning cup of coffee (or two or three). Coffee contains no calories, yet it contains many elements that prevent cancer, diabetes and even Parkinson’s disease.

10. Grapefruit

This diet-lover food has just 39 calories per half and it actually helps to burn calories! Plus, it contains lots of good-for-you nutrients.

11. Mushrooms

Tasty, satiating and good with almost anything, mushrooms are super low in calories and have a ton of nutrients.

12. Tomatoes  

22 calories per medium-sized tomatoes plus lycopene makes tomatoes a great choice.

13. Watercress

It’s refreshing, it’s tasty and it only has 4 calories per cup.

14. Lemons  

20 calories per lemon and packed with vitamin C, this is a great diet-friendly food.

15. Kale 

It’s more than just a garnish; kale is nutrient dense and only has 5 calories per cup.



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