15 Essential Oils To Instantly Relieve Pain & How To Use Them

6. Juniper essential oil

The oil is extracted from Juniperus communis, the blue-green evergreen you know well. Its application is beneficial in the treatment of hemorrhoids, colitis and dysmenorrhea. Add a few drops of this oil to your hot bath and soak in for 20 minutes. This healing bath will relieve your hemorrhoids.

Combine a few drops of the oil and a tablespoon of coconut oil to treat colitis or indigestion. You can also add it to your favorite herbal tea for the same purpose. Juniper essential oil has a carminative effect, and helps in relieving pain that occurs as a result of gas accumulation. Apply it topically to relieve rheumatic pain.

7. Wintergreen essential oil

It is extracted from Gaultheria procumbens, a North American evergreen shrub that grows close to the ground. Native Americans have appreciated its pain-relieving effect, and it was commonly added to tribal preparations.

Wintergreen leaf extract was recommended for oral application as an effective remedy of digestive and bladder problems, but the oil itself is strongly used for topical application only because it is toxic and may cause intestinal hemorrhage.

This essential oil works amazing in treating skeletal pain and neuralgia. People use it to relieve arthritis, and it is so popular in the world of sport, because athletes use it for their sport injuries. Wintergreen essential oil should be diluted with carrier oils prior application. Some say it is great for headaches and sore throat.

8. Cayenne essential oil

Cayenne peppers are super hot and spicy, and so is the oil that is extracted from their seeds. It does miracles when it comes to relieving the worst types of aches, like the case of shingles. It is pretty strong and potent, so experts suggest using a rather diluted form. Remember, a tiny bit of cayenne essential oil goes a long way. It is super thick and viscous, so make sure you combine it with a carrier oil, like coconut oil for example.

This will ease its application as well. Topical application is great for arthritic and rheumatic pain and neuralgia.

9. Ginger essential oil

Fresh ginger root and its extraction product aid in digestion, but ginger essential oil is great for painful autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus and the like. You can use it both orally and topically, and some prefer inhaling it. Ginger essential oil has the same effect as analgesic drugs used for the aforementioned conditions, except for their side effects when applied for longer.

10. Sandalwood essential oil

It costs a real treasure, mostly due to its origin. Sandalwood essential oil is made from the heartwood of the Sandalwood tree Santalum album. High-quality oil is obtained from 50 year old trees or older. However, its efficacy and strong antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties are worth every penny.

Sandalwood essential oil relieves muscle and skeletal pain. It is also great for neuralgia. Add a few drops of the oil into your infuser. You can also add 3 drops of pure sandalwood essential oil into a cup of water. The oil is efficient in relieving endometriosis induced pain.

11. Clary sage essential oil

It is obtained from Salvia sclarea. It has great benefits for eye issues, but it is also used as an efficient painkiller, especially when it comes to pain during menstrual cycle and menopause. Add it to your diffuser to relieve stress-induced headaches. Apply it onto your abdomen to relieve cramping and aching stomach spasms. Never take it orally. Always use clary sage oil sparingly and with caution.

12. Clove essential oil

If you do not know how do cloves grow, here is a brief information for you. Cloves are actually unopened buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree that grows in the tropics. Clove essential oil is super spicy and pungent. When applied topically in its undiluted form, the oil can cause a burning sensation.

In the very next moment it provides an anesthetic action which gives an instant relief in cases of acute pain, such as toothaches. Add a few drops of the oil into a cup of warm water. This makes a nice throat gargle and relieves throat pain. In addition to this, clove essential oil has strong antimicrobial effect which cures infections.

Combine it with jojoba or olive oil and massage your muscle and joints. It is also great for soreness caused by overexertion. Apply a single drop of undiluted clove oil onto insect bites. In cases of headaches, add a few drops of the oil in water or saline solution, and apply it onto your forehead or neck.

13. Marjoram essential oil

It is obtained from sweet marjoram, a herb that is neatly related to oregano. The oil is quite spicy and edible, but people tend to use it for its analgesic and antispasmodic properties. Add it to your infuser and relieve headaches caused by cold or fever. Combine it with olive oil and gently rub it on any affected area to relieve muscle spasms which occur as a result of overexertion of muscles in your limbs. Apply it orally to get rid of abdominal spasms linked to diarrhea. Marjoram essential oil is an amazing remedy for toothaches as well.

It has a mild sedative effect and relieves chronic pain. It is also used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

14. Yarrow essential oil

This oil is obtained from the arrow plant Achillea millefolium, or the nosebleed plant. The name comes from its power to stop nose bleeds and minor wounds. It is appreciated for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it is also rich in salicylic acid which gives aspirin its analgesic effect.

15. Helichrysum essential oil

It is obtained through a distillation process of the flowering plant Helichrysum italicum. The oil has strong anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic properties. Apply it on bruises to relieve pain and take away any visible skin discoloration. By the time you wake up in the morning, your bruises will have disappeared. Dilute it with coconut oil and apply onto sunburns. It provides an instant relief and reduces pain and soreness.

This oil is a common ingredient in anti-rheumatic drugs. It relieves deep nerve pain and aching conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica.

Cautions and notes

Each of the aforementioned oils has a multipronged action, because they are packed with many active compounds. Some soothe muscles and relax nerves, and other oils invigorate both body and mind. Yarrow, helichrysum and dandelion essential oils relieve pain, but if you are dealing with ragweed allergy, you body may go through some allergic reactions to these oils. The same applies to chamomile essential oil, because it is part of the ragweed family, same as the other three oils.

Carefully apply a tiny bit of diluted essential oil. Most of them have similar healing properties, meaning that if you are allergic to some of the oils, you should not hesitate trying the other oils.

Combinations of some oils work better than their sole application. Ask an expert practitioner to make you certain combination that works best for you instead of doing it on your own and get things all wrong and messy.

How to dilute essential oils

Essential oils in their pure forms are highly concentrated and strong, so experts recommend diluting them with carrier oils like olive, jojoba or castor oil before you apply them on your skin. Always use high-quality carrier oil, because they also have some sort of healing properties which will only boost the effect of essential oils.

For instance, extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal, a substance with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that act same as NSAIDs (like ibuprofen). Castor oil has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect. Jojoba oil provides an amazing skin protecting emollient action. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, known for its antibacterial properties.

Never underestimate the power of essential oils. Always use them carefully. Essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and small children, unless they are considered to be safe.

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