15 Mantras to End the Day Feeling Good Enough

Do you go to bed with a smile on your face? Are you grateful for everything you have and all the lessons you learned in life? Some of you probably go to bed regretting your life choices.

Well, we give you 15 great mantras to make you feel better about yourself.

1. “I did the best I could do today.”

Exactly. No one is perfect, and we are all humans. It’s time to appreciate yourself for everything you’ve done in life. You tried really hard, and gave your best effort. That’s the only thing that counts.

2. “I am worthy of love and abundance.”

You are a child in this universe, and you deserve all the good things this world holds for you. Say this to yourself every night, and good things will happen. Enjoy the abundance that’s making its way to you.

3. “I am confident in myself and know I can accomplish anything!”

Impossible is nothing. We all need a little boost in life. We are our own cheerleaders. Give yourself some love, and remind yourself of all the great things you can do.  Think of your potential.

4. “I have everything I need to be happy.”

You may not have everything in this world, but you have a lot of good things that make you happy. Food, safe place, water, family, sun… What else could you ask for? We keep chasing big goals while forgetting about all the good things we have in life.

5. “I love myself.”

You have to love yourself first. This will help you enter a healthy relationship. Love yourself, because you are strong, beautiful and great.

6. “I am thankful for my family and friends.”

Be grateful for all the people in your life. Enjoy spending time with your friends and family. They are here to support you whenever you need a positive thought or a smile.

7. “I do not need to compare yourself to others; I am on my own journey!”

It may be a challenge, but please, stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique, and you walk your own path. You can’t go around measuring your worth by other people’s status. You have dreams, and do your best to turn them into reality.

8. “I see the beauty in everyone and everything around me.”

What’s the best thing that happened to you today? There has to be something. You woke up, right? See this as a chance to do something about yourself and others.

See the best in people around you. Every person brings something great in their pocket. It can be joy or a lesson.

9. “Everything in my life serves my highest good at this time.”

All the things that happen in your life will eventually boost your consciousness. It may be a bad relationship or a new job. Everything has a purpose. Don’t spend too much time worrying about your failure. The universe has a plan for you.

10. “I am healthy, vibrant being of light.”

Maintaining your health is easy when you consider yourself healthy. Imagine yourself as a happy and healthy person, and you will be able to overcome every obstacle. Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction?

11. “I release everything that no longer serves me.”

Get rid of all the bad thoughts and bad relationship. Going through the same problem again won’t help you at all. Stop torturing yourself, and enjoy your life. It’s too short to waste it on toxic relationships or bad thoughts.

12. “I am the master of my reality.”

You have full control over your life. Feel free to direct your energy towards the things that mean a lot to you. Say this to yourself every time you feel as if you have no control over your life.

13. “I am enough.”

Wait. You’re more than enough. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.

14. “I believe in myself.”

You can’t expect others to believe in you if you don’t do it first. Believe in yourself and all the things you can do. You have your own powers, remember? Use them. Wisely.

15. “I am at peace.”

This is really important. Your life may be chaotic, but you have to be at peace. Find your peace, and hug it tightly. Rely on yourself, and take a deep breathe. Tomorrow is a new day.



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