15 Problems That Garlic Solves Better Than Pills

Garlic is on so many lists of the best superfoods. It is an amazing foodstuff. It has a history of medicinal use for thousands of years. You probably just thought it was that flavoring you put on your steak or in your stir-fry. No, no, no -- it’s a lot more than that!

In fact, garlic is a prescriptive in nearly every culture’s natural healing teachings. Hippocrates, the world’s most famous doctor, said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Maybe it’s a good idea to listen to the Father of Medicine and at least integrate garlic into our daily diets.

Let’s take a look at 15 problems that garlic solves better than pills.

1. High Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular diseases kill people more than anything else. High blood pressure is one of the biggest contributing factors to heart disease. Studies have found that garlic supplementation reduces blood pressure.

2. High Cholesterol

Garlic has been proven to lower Total and LDL cholesterol. Garlic seems to lower the “bad” cholesterol while leaving the “bad” cholesterol alone. It even seems to lower triglyceride levels, another contributing factor for heart disease.

3. Hair Loss

It’s surprising to many people that garlic can help with hair loss. You see, there’s a substance in garlic called allicin. It’s a sulfur compound. You can massage oil infused with garlic into your scalp. If you’re worried about the smell, just wash your hair afterward with shampoo.

4. Acne

Could garlic actually clear up acne? Garlic is an excellent natural cure for acne. It kills off bacteria like nothing else. Garlic has potent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties.

5. Colds & Flu

Garlic is packed to the gills with antioxidants and immune system-boosting substances. If you have a problem with the taste of garlic tea, just add a little bit of ginger or honey to improve the taste.

6. Heart Disease

The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that garlic may help prevent heart disease. Garlic slows down the development of atherosclerosis, and it is a proven blood thinner.

7. Cancer

Garlic helps strengthen the immune system, and it seems to kill cancer cells in test tubes. Studies suggest that populations that eat garlic are a lot less likely to develop cancers of the stomach, colon, and esophagus.

8. Inflammation

Garlic is a potent anti-inflammatory. Studies suggest that several bodily systems, not just the cardiovascular system, can benefit from garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties.

9. Bacterial & Viral Infection

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of garlic are well-known, and people have been using it to treat infections for millennia. Not only is it great against bacteria and viruses, it will fight off yeast, fungi, and worms, too.

10. Flatulence

Garlic has been used to treat all sorts of digestive disorders, including flatulence, for thousands of years. Bloating, constipation, and more have been treated with garlic. It even helps your digestive tract clear out worms, parasites, microbes, fungi, and bad bacteria. Flatulence is just the tip of the iceberg.

11. Immune System Function

There is a lot of evidence that shows garlic stimulates the immune system.

12. Detoxification

Many people swear by garlic for heavy metal detoxification.

13. Energy

A lot of people have reported that they have increased energy after garlic supplementation. The reason is that their systems were cleared of so much bad stuff that was slowing them.

14. Free Radical Damage

Researchers have confirmed that a substance in garlic is the world’s most powerful antioxidant.

15. Stomach Bugs

A daily dose of garlic might act as a good preventive against stomach bugs.

More than 3,000 publications have confirmed the health benefits of garlic. It’s time you added it to your diet.

Source: www.rd.com


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