15 Traits Introverts Have That Most People Don’t Understand

Introverts are people focusing on internal feelings, as opposed to external stimulation. They don’t want special attention. However, that’s not same as social anxiety and shyness. They have different types of behavior, and here are some of them:

1. Introverts love deeply. Introverts are great partners, and they give everything in a relationship.

2. They need to socialize once in a while. As we know, introverts love spending their time alone. They hate small talk and meeting acquaintances for coffee to chit-chat. However, they occasionally have to go out and spend some time with their real friends.

3. They laugh a lot and make other people laugh, too. Introverts have unique humor, and people who notice that are truly entertained by them.

4. Loyalty is the most important thing for them. Introverts pick their friends wisely. They don’t want superficial friendships, so if you have an introvert friend, be sure he really appreciates you.

They are really loyal to their friends and expect the same thing in return, so you will hurt them deeply if you betray their friendship.

5. Introverts don’t always answer the phone, especially if they don’t know who’s calling. They may not answer because they don’t want when things are not as scheduled, or they’re working at the moment, or they need some alone time when facing a problem.

Introverts don’t gossip, so don’t expect them to talk to you for half an hour on the phone about trivial things. They prefer texting to talking. Be that as it may, if an introvert takes your call, you’re really important to them.

6. They don’t like surprises. This includes unexpected visits. Introverts plan their whole day ahead, they are very organized, and they want to know how they are going to spend the time.

So, they wouldn’t be very thrilled when you come to their house, unannounced.

7. Introverts get accused of drifting away. Since they always think of something, being with company doesn’t change that. They may be here one minute, and then the next they wander away with their thoughts.

8. They learn by watching. Extroverts learn by hand-on experience, while introverts on the other hand, only learn by watching and analyzing.

9. Introverts get distracted easily. The like working in peace and quiet. So, any distraction stresses them. However, soothing sounds don’t disturb them.

10. They are only interested in real people and things. They don’t want fake friendships or relationships. Introverts want deep conversations. They spend a lot of time getting to know you and making sure you are worth their time.

11. Introverts recharge when being alone. People consider them shy, but that’s not the case. They only need some time by themselves, because people drain them.

12. Introverts are always very self-aware. They spend a lot of time overthinking their experiences, and learning more about themselves.

13. They don’t like people who only seek attention. They think you get the attention you deserve, and begging for it is just pitiful.

14. They aren’t moody. The minds of introverts are constantly working, and they are thinking about something all the time. So people may interpret that as being quiet and moody.

15. Introverts seem bored, but they aren’t. They are too deep into their thoughts, that they are actually never bored. They enjoy in their solo activities.

We can’t say what introverts or extroverts are like for sure. They are considered as two very distinctive types, however most people have the qualities of both. So, enjoy in your uniqueness and only be with people who fill you with positive energy.



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