18 Cold Weather Hacks To Keep You Warm & Reduce Bills

Cold winter days are something most of you look forward to. Of course, you have to keep yourself warm and well nourished, otherwise you will catch up a cold.

We give you the best hacks to help you “survive” long winter days!

1. Fit socks on the toilet sit

Nobody likes a cold toilet seat. All you have to do is fit warm socks along the seat. Don’t forget to replace them regularly. For full toilet seats, you can use t-shirts, towels, sheets and other fabric.

2. Draft stoppers

All you need is fabric and stuffing. For the stuffing, you can use rice, kitty litter, popcorn kernels or anything similar. Use your sewing skills to make cheap draft stoppers!

3. Hot water bottle in bed

You have probably done this as a kid. Fill a bottle with hot water, and keep it in your bed to warm up at night. You can also heat up wet dish towels in the microwave and place them in a zippered bag.

4. Change the direction of ceiling fans

In winter, switch the direction of your ceiling fan, and make sure it goes clockwise at a low speed to pull cool air up. The warm air stays down with you.

5. Solar heating

Open the drapes in the morning, and let the sun inside. Do this with your east, west and south-facing windows. Close the curtains once the sun goes down.

6. Close spaces you don’t use

This refers to your basement, spare rooms or offices. Close up the vents if you use forced air or switch off the electric heating.

7. Radiator heat reflector

Slide a heat-resistant reflector between the unit and the wall to redirect the heat from the wall and into the room you stay in. this will save you a lot of money, and your home will stay warm and cozy.

8. Thermal curtains

Instead of spending a fortune to replace your windows, get yourself thermal curtains. These are thick curtains, and you can actually make them at home. Sew over some nice fabric over old comforters, and use a large dowel at the bottom.

9. Insulate windows with plastic wrap

Get some cling wrap, double-sided tape and a hairdryer. This will help you build a thin, but efficient barrier against cold winter winds.

10. Chimney pillow

Use chimney balloons to stop the heat loss. If you don’t use your chimney, use grade garbage bags to block the chimney. Stuff them with old pillows.

11. Candle powered air heater

You need a couple nesting terra cotta pots and candles to make a great and handy heater that doesn’t cost too much.

12. Extra blankets are great!

Cover your mattress with a wool blanket before you add the fitted bottom sheet. Wool is the only material you should use. It traps body heat!

13. Leave the oven door ajar

Leave the oven door open after you finish baking or roasting. Simple as that.

14. Don’t drain your bath water after taking a shower

This will add some warmth to your home, and flush the water down the drain once it’s cold.

15. Shower with open doors

Let the warmth circulate in your home, and you will never ever have to heat up the bathroom for a decent shower.

16. Air dry the laundry

Hang your laundry to dry indoors to improve humidity levels. You won’t have to use the dryer, and this will save you money.

17. Rugs are cool!

Use soft carpets and rugs to keep your floor warm and cozy. Wooden floors and ceramic tiles get really cold in winter.

18. Knit

Make yourself a nice scarf or a warm blanket to keep yourself warm in winter. There are so many tutorials you could use!

Dress in layers to stay warm, and put on some woolen socks! There’s nothing better than that. Oh, yes, and don’t leave your home if you don’t have to.



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