20 Inspirational Quotes To Feed The Soul Of A Free Spirit

One can never tame a person with a free spirit. We keep doing things to fit in society, but there are also people who don’t follow the rules. Rules don’t apply to non-conformists, and that’s fine.

Are you open-minded? Are you free? A free spirit will set you free, giving you the ultimate blessing in life.

This sounds great and easy until you try it. Unconventional way of living is oftentimes exhausting. Going against the grain is hard.

There are so many obstacles and restrictions. There are so many close-minded people. We live surrounded by restrictions an insecurities. It’s almost impossible to be free and motivated these days.

We give you 20 inspirational quotes to keep you going:

1. “I am a free spirit. Though some don’t like it, that’s how I am.” – Princess Diana

She was incredible. Princess Diana wasn’t afraid of herself and all the restrictions in her life. The beloved princess was a free woman, and her rebellion inspired millions of people across the globe. Although she was often criticized, Princess Diana didn’t let society change her.

2. “Wild women have an inexplicable spark for life. These women ooze freedom and desire self-awareness. They don’t belong to anyone but give a piece of themselves to all they meet.” – Nikki Rowe.

Rowe honors all the wild personalities in this world. Some will try to tame your spirit, but truth is, your soul can’t be owned.

3. “I’m not a bird. No net will ensnare me. I’m a human being that has her own independent will.” – Charlotte Bronte

Every person on this planet is born with a free will. You may be trapped in relationships, jobs or habits. It’s time to free yourself and live life as you were meant to.

4. “Lock your libraries if you choose to; there isn’t a lock, bolt or gate that you’ll be able to put on my mind.” – Virginia Wolf

Free people often meet someone who will try to capture their spirit. Society is designed to control free people. It may succeed at some point, but don’t forget that no one can put your mind in chains.

5. “The most courageous thing anyone can do is think for one’s self.” – Coco Chanel

Don’t take your freedom for granted. Be courageous and do the best for you. Chase your dreams. It may seem hard and selfish, but it’s worth the struggle. Stand against those naysayers, and follow your own spirit.

6. “Some people think that Amsterdam is full of sin. The truth is that it’s a city that’s found freedom. But in freedom, many people believe they see sin.” – John Green

If you want to be a free person, stop doing what society expects you to do. Choose to be your true self. Some may hate freedom and all the goodness it brings.

They will find something bad in your free spirit. This only confirms their desire to set their spirit free. Stay strong, and protect your spirit from all the narrow-minded people around you. Don’t let them spoil you.

7. “Freedom isn’t worth having if you aren’t free to make mistakes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

A free spirit will sometimes take you to a dead end. You will make a few mistakes. But, that’s when you get the best lessons in life. That’s how you become an awesome person.

8. “The best type of freedom is the kind that allows you to be who you are… There can’t be a large-scale revolution until you experience a personal revolution. Let it happen inside you first.” – Jim Morrison

You can’t change the world if you don’t change yourself first. Free yourself, and then go and free the world. Embrace your true self, and go safe the world. You have to celebrate your own freedom before you do something about the people around you.

9. “Some birds aren’t meant to be in cages. Their songs are too sweet, their feathers too bright.” – Stephen King

Would you cage a bird just to keep it close to you? Only free birds sing the best songs. Break free from your cage, and sing your sweetest song. Got the point, right? Don’t be afraid to reach the highest heights.

10. “If anyone is denied the option to live a life they believe in, he will have no other choice than to be an outlaw.” – Nelson Mandela

Live your best life and admire your passion. Some may find this ridiculous. Don’t even pay attention to that. Don’t let people “kill” your true self. Go against the rules, and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines.

11. “Once I’ve discovered who I am, I will be free.” -- Ralph Ellison

Trust yourself and trust the process. Make that change and chase your dreams. Your life is a journey so you better enjoy it.

12. “You want to fly? You’ll have to give up what weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison

Let go of your past to set yourself free. Get rid of all the things that hold you back. Eliminate all the negativity from your life

13. “Better to die in the fight for freedom than to be a prisoner your whole life.” – Bob Marley

Who are you? Have you met the person inside you? Fight for yourself, and respect yourself. Respect what lies deep inside you. Stick to your own truth instead of staying in someone’s prison.

14. “Life is short. Don’t waste time wondering what anyone thinks of you. If these people had anything better to do, they wouldn’t focus on you.” – C. Joybell C.

We try really hard to be accepted and liked. But, this habit can only give you stress and anxiety. Stop paying attention to what others think and say about you.

15. “She had absolutely nothing to lose. She found freedom.” – Paulo Coelho

Have you found what you’ve been looking for your entire life? Listen to your heart. That’s the only way to freedom. You have nothing left to lose. Remember that.

16. “I will be free, regardless of what rules surround me.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Stop saying that you should or shouldn’t be doing something. There are rules in society, and we expected to follow them. Don’t do this if it requires you to become a prisoner or lose yourself.

17. “I’ve found safety and freedom in my madness… The safety from having to be understood; Those that understand us enslave us.” – Khalil Gibran

Are you understood by people around you? You have to realize that being understood by everybody is impossible. You may feel lonely, but it’s all part of the journey. We are all “mad” in some way. That’s where our freedom and safety lies.

18. “It’s up to you – give your life a meaning.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

Society tells us to look at the world to find our purpose. But, you can’t find a purpose only by following the rules others set. Give your life a meaning.

19. “Man’s first duty is to start thinking for himself.” – Jose Marti

Don’t let others think for you. You are free to think. This power gives you freedom.

20. “The secret to happiness is finding freedom. The secret to finding freedom is being courageous.” – Carrie Jones

Get the courage to go against the grain. Listen to your passion. Reach for that person inside you. What makes you happy?

You are the only person to free yourself. Go through these inspirational quotes to encourage yourself.



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