20 Reasons To Keep Chickens That Goes Way Beyond Fresh Eggs

Have you ever considered keeping your own chicken in the backyard? Free-range eggs are a much better alternative than their chemical-packed relatives. They are packed with essential nutrients and you can use them to make pretty much everything.

We give you 20 reasons to keep chickens in your backyard:

1. Fresh eggs

You will always have fresh eggs for your recipes. All you have to do is go out and grab a few eggs.

2. Organic and non-GMO

Free-range eggs have no antibiotics or GMO. Caged chickens eat corn, soy and cottonseed meals. GMOs, remember?

3. High nutritional value

Eggs from free-range chickens contain seven times more vitamin A and beta-carotene. You need these for your vision. These eggs have twice as much vitamin E as “regular” eggs.

Omega-3 fats are great for your heart and cholesterol levels. These fats play an important role in your mental health. Free-range eggs have 292 mg of omega-3 fats and less saturated fat. Battery eggs have 0.033 mg.

4. Cruelty free

This is especially great for those who try to put an end to cruel procedures. Farmed chicken go through a nightmare. They are packed in cages and fed antibiotics and GMOs. Do you know that less than 1% of all chickens in the US are free-range?

5. Educational value

Chickens can make a difference between 100 human and animal faces. They play, dream and mourn over other animals. Chickens also feel pain and stress. Momma chickens talk to their chicks while still in the egg. They also turn their eggs 50 times a day. Keep chickens in your backyard and you will learn so much about these cuties.

6. Save the chickens

Save chickens that are on their way to a slaughterhouse. Do you know that 300 million chickens are packed in small cages throughout the US? Save a few f these and let them roam in your backyard.

7. Free fertilizer

Chicken manure is one of the best manures you will ever use in your garden. It’s packed with nutrients.  About 5-10 chickens will give you enough fertilizer for your garden throughout the year. Add it to your compost.

8. Pest control

Chickens ill bugs, keeping you safe from these little pests. Chickens feed on beetles, slugs, ticks an grasshoppers. You will never ever use pesticides to keep bugs away.

9. Food waste

About 29 million tons of food end up in landfills. Yard waste goes at 33 million tons. Give this to your chicken. They will munch on anything from your kitchen. Scraps, beans, rice, oatmeal… avoid giving them meat and animal products.

10. Heritage breeds

Some chickens have great meat and others provide great eggs. Keep different heritage breeds in your yard.

11. Weed control

Chickens are the best assistant for every gardener. They will pluck every weed in your garden. Chickens will eat every weed seed in the area. Say “thank you.”

12. Therapy

Chickens are viewed as therapy animals, especially in kids with autism. Kids can feed them and take care of them. This will make them feel special. Chickens are also great for those with dementia and psychiatric disorders. They always move around and peck things. There’s something calming about their movement.

13. Origin of food

Chickens will help children learn more about the food on their table. They will learn how to take care of animals. Kids will also respect chickens for everything they do.

14. Entertainment

You can observe chickens for fun. They are intelligent, and you will sure enjoy watching them do their thing. They are all different.

15. Food miles

Keeping your own chickens will help you cut down on food miles. You will literally get your eggs from your backyard. You won’t have to go to the grocery shop.

16. Self-sustainability

You will keep chickens for their eggs. They will also help you get rid of pests and weed. Natural fertilizer, remember? You will have pretty much everything you need in your backyard.

17. Country life

You will bring the country to your backyard. Chickens need a small parcel to walk and enjoy life. Feeding and taking care of them is great for your brain. It has a soothing effect on your brain.

18. Social aspect

Share your new hobby with your friends and family. Tell them about your chickens. Share any tips and tricks with everyone interested in chickens. It’s a nice way to start a conversation, right?

19. Cheap

Chickens don’t require too much. Al you have to do is build a chicken coop and buy some food. That’s all. Chickens give more than they spend. Eggs, fertilizer, meat…

20. Hobby

Are you bored? Bring some chickens to your backyard. You will have so much to do around them. Just go out and watch them peck. It’s like a meditation therapy.



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