21 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

You can use jars for pretty much everything, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Glass jars are made with recyclable glass, and you can always reuse them.

It’s time to bring out your creativity, and limit the use of plastic in your home. Try to adopt a zero-waste mindset, and we have a few tips and tricks you should use.

Glass is better than plastic

Glass items are better than plastic pieces, and we have a few reasons to say that:

  • Non-porous (doesn’t transfer food smells)
  • Keep food safe (don’t leach harmful material into food)
  • Reduced landfill waste
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy cleanup
  • Better appearance

Caution: Never ever use non-canning jars for canning purposes!

Canning jars don’t break when exposed to heat and pressure.

21 ways to reuse jars

We will help you learn how to reuse jars. You can make your home pretty, and there are so many great ways to reuse old jars, especially if you have tons of them.


1. Fermented foods

Do you like fermenting veggies? All you need is a clean jar. Add in your veggie, and place a small glass cup on top to add weight. Salsa? No problem!

2. Sourdough starter

You can prepare it in a Mason jar with a loose-fitting lid. The sourdough starter will bubble slowly on your countertop.

3. Spices

Don’t buy spice jars. Just refill your jars. In this way you can also make your blends.

4. Dried herbs

Do you like herbal teas? You can store your herbs in natural fiber bags. If you like fancy things, keep your herbs in glass jars with labels.

5. Bulk goods

Store honey, coconut flour, nuts and anything that can be stored in jars. Refill your jars instead of buying new ones.

6. Store lard and tallow

Pour your drippings and leftover grease in glass jar. Use canning jars for this purpose. In that way you can pour hot fat straight into the jar.

7. Leftovers

Are you a meal-planning freak? If yes, you can always use jars to store any leftovers. Avoid plastic containers. Keep in mind that jars have better lids that don’t allow any leaking.

8. Soup and broths

Freeze your extra broth or chill in a jar. Use jars that are suitable for freezing and heat.

9. Salad dressing shaker

All you have to do is add the ingredients to a jar, and whisk!

10. Gift jar with cookie/cake mix

Add cookie or cake mix to a jar, and make someone’s day. Your best friends won’t say ‘no’ to your creativity.


11. Glass-jar luminary

You don’t have to wait for Christmas. Turn your boring jars into a glass jar luminary. Use candles or whatever fits your creativity.

12. Candles

Nothing beats a cool-looking candle that relaxes your body and mind. You can make your hand-dipped beeswax candles. Use wax and essential oils.

13. Terrarium

You can use a jar or a fish bowl. Start a little garden in a container of your choice and enjoy watching your masterpiece.

14. DIY cosmetics

In this way you will know what goes on your face and body. Use organic ingredients, and find the blends that work best for your skin.

15. Soap dispenser

Add a pump to your Mason jar, and stop using single-use soap containers.

16. Sewing kit and button holder

Use a jar to keep your buttons or marbles together. In this way they won’t lie scattered around your home.

17. First-aid kit

Band-aids, needles, ointment… You can keep whatever you need to heal a minor injury your jar.

18. Garden seeds

Store your seeds in different jars, and label them for easier use. In this way you will always have the right seeds for your autumn planting.

19. Plant cuttings

Bottle of essential oil with herbs rosemary, sage,parsley and thyme set up on old wooden background .

Put clippings or your favorite herbs and plants in a jar, and add some water. Your home will look pretty, and you can transfer them in pots.

20. Nuts and bolts

Store your nuts and bolts. This is a rather handy trick, especially if you work around the house all the time.

21. Match holder

Store your matches in jars for a fancy appearance.

Decorate glass jars

First, clean your jar, and remove the label. Turn your creativity on, and decorate your jars using whatever you find at the crafts shop.



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