21-Day Morning Challenge That Can Help You Reduce Fat

If you want to fully harvest the benefits of exercising, it is best you start early in the morning. Losing weight and getting back into shape is a challenging, yet completely achievable. It is all about finding an exercise program that fits your body, your abilities, and your lifestyle.

It is about combining and making the most of your exercises without risking any injury and shedding those excess pounds with ease.

But, First, We Warm Up!

No workout program will give you lasting results if you do not warm up the body properly. To get the maximum out of your workout, here is a list of stretches and exercises to get you fittingly warmed up.

  • Do 8 inward hip rotations, and repeat the same on the outwards.
  • Continue with 8 forward and backward arm circles, done slowly and mindfully.
  • Spend 2 minutes on jumping rope to set your heartbeat for the rest of your session.
  • Next, come 8 walk-outs, done through breathing evenly and keeping the frame of the body solid.
  • Do 12 deep reverse lunge-to-knee raises
  • Finish up with 15 squats, moving into pulse squats by the end of the exercise.

A 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you are seeking constant and enduring results, the following 3-week program is bound to set you on the right track.

Sticking to the routine is exceptionally important, along with making the most of your diet and hydrating at all times. The program is fitted for outdoors so you can easily enjoy a workout morning in your backyard.

During the first week of your workout, do each exercise for 30 seconds, taking 15-second breaks in-between poses. Also, make sure you do two reps of each exercise, thus entering week two.

Here, increase the intensity to 55 seconds, taking 15-second breaks and doing a total of two reps of each exercise.

During the third week of training, do each exercise for 80 seconds and take 10-second breaks between exercises, doing 3 reps for each exercise respectively.

As for the exercises themselves, here is what your program consists of:

1. Squats



2.  Inchworms

3. Mountain climbers

4. Burpees

5. Skaters

6. Planks

Cool Down Exercises

Just like warming up, it is very important you also cool down after your workout so you prevent cramps, injuries or even a fracture. Some of the best stretching post-workout exercises include:

  • All-Fours Rock Back
  • Child’s Pose with Reach
  • T-Spine Foam Roll
  • Hip Flexor Foam Roll
  • 90-90 Stretch
  • Neck Stretch

Do these exercises for a minimum of 30 seconds each, while also balancing your breath and urging the body to relax.



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