21 Positivity Quotes to Help You Beat Depression

Do you know that in the US 17 million adults struggle with depression? This makes 7% of the total population in the country, and this is a rather shocking information. Experts explain that depression may lead to mental disorders, impairments and other health conditions.

Dealing with depressions is as terrible as it sounds. Sufferers would do anything to deal with it, and there are so many techniques and therapies one should take into considerations.

In this article we give you 21 quotes to help you “survive.”

21 Positivity Quotes To Fight Depression

1. Scott Fitzgerald says you shouldn’t confuse a single defeat with a final defeat

This is absolutely true. Depression strikes in episodes, and you keep going through attacks and dark thoughts. Fitzgerald believes you should move forward. Never ever get discouraged in your battle against depression.  A single defeat doesn’t mean a thing. It means you should keep going. That’s all.

2. Confucius said our glory is not in never falling, but in standing up after every fall

Be more resilient, and don’t stay on the ground. Find strength to recover from your attack and move forward.

3. Buddha believes we are born each morning. Focus on the day ahead.

Don’t even think of yesterday’s panic attack. You woke up today, and it’s time for a fresh start. Each morning gives you a chance to do things better. Grab the opportunity!

4. Confucius said a mountain can be moved by carrying away the small stones first

Depression isn’t a joke. Start at a slow pace, and make a small change. You will be better over time, and it’s really important that you don’t give up.

5. Christian D. Larson believes that there is something inside you that’s stronger than every obstacle.

Find your inner strength. First, accept that you are depressed, and then use your will to fight your condition. Believe in yourself.

6. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross says those who have known suffering, defeat and struggle, and have found a way out of it are actually the most beautiful people

Acknowledge your secret battles, and be proud of your improvement. You are making a progress. Remember that.

7. Saint Francis of Assisi once said that we should first do what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and eventually you will be doing the impossible

Patience is of key importance. Try not to force yourself into doing things that may harm you. Make a step, then make another. Your current situation will only make you stronger.

8. Thich Nhat Hanh advises you to smile, breathe and go slowly

Dealing with depression is like a never-ending process. Each day brings a challenge, and you have to work on that slowly. Breathe, smile, and do your thing.

9. Dan Millman knows you can’t control your thoughts, but you should also stop letting your thoughts control you

Deep thinking may be harmful. Try not to drown into your own thoughts. If you can’t control your thoughts, don’t panic. You will regain this control later. You have the power to determine how your thoughts affect your emotions.

10. Albert Einstein once said that we should learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow

Fuel your hope, and stop living in the past. Hope for a better tomorrow to fight your bad episodes.

11. S. Lewis says the things ahead are much better than anything you leave behind

Think of your future. Focus on all the good things that will happen in the future to overcome your episode. Depression can’t beat hope.

12. Julian Seifter says your illness doesn’t define you

Depression will make you ask questions and overthinking all the time. But, it doesn’t define you. Be honest about your condition, and remember that it doesn’t define you.

13. Buddha says you deserve your love and affection

Depression can kill you. Love yourself more, because you deserve that.

14. John Green believes hope existed even when our brain has killed it

May hope be your best friend. Learn how to control your emotional response.

15. Jasmine Warga helps us remember the beauty of grey skies. That’s you. Gray and beautiful.

Your self-worth is everything. Remember that every time you feel down or unhappy with yourself.

16. Dodie Smith believes noble deeds and hot baths can cure depression

Help someone in need and take a good care of yourself because you deserve that!

17. Pythagoras once told his people that concern should drive you into action and not into a depression. You can’t be free if you can’t control yourself.

Regain the control of your emotions, and don’t let your mind determine your actions. Don’t let depression trick you.

18. Gilbert Baker says you should never ever live a lie.

Living a lie will destroy your values. Find the roots of your problem. Don’t fake your life, because you will end up being miserable.

19. Amit Ray advises you to live in the breath and the moment

Get away from your past, and try not to think about it. Let go of it, and you will enjoy your moment.

20. Dorothy M. Niedermeyer says your life is 10% of what you experience and 90% of your response

Think about this. Your response says everything. You control your actions. Nobody else.

21. Victor Hugo once said that our pupils dilate in darkness and in the end find light. The same happens with your soul and the misfortune you go through. Wait for the light. God will help you.

Stay positive throughout your hardest times, and wait for the light at the end.



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