25 Plants & Herbs You Can Propagate From Cuttings

If you are maintaining a garden and you see that it takes a long time to grow plants and herbs by planting seeds, you should start using plant cuttings.

It is a faster way that will help you choose the size, vigor and disease resistance. When you choose the seeds, you are not actually seeing the plant and there is no chance of knowing what will grow.

However, by planting cuttings, you have the first view of the plant that is about to grow. Before planting the cuttings, you need to remove the lower leaves and stick them in the ground.

Make sure that you are keeping the plants moisturized and that they get enough sunlight. You can also add fertilizers to make sure that they grow properly.

Some plants also require heating pads in order to get heat from their bottom part.

Here are 25 plants that you need to grow from cuttings. Many of them can be easily grown from seeds, but with cuttings, it is faster and more efficient.

1. Thyme

You can plant thyme from tip cuttings that are taken in the summer season. Make sure that you place it into moist potting.

2. Sage

To grow sage from cuttings, you need a 4-inch semi-ripe basal cutting that is taken in fall. Make sure to keep it moisturized and apply heating pads underneath in winter.

3. Basil

Even though basil can be grown easily from seeds, you can choose the variety by planting it with cuttings. It doesn’t matter when was the cutting taken, you only need to make sure that is getting enough sunlight.

4. Rosemary

For rosemary, you will need around 3 to 5 inches long cuttings that are taken in spring.

5. Lavender

Get a cutting that is 3-inch big and root it in a cold frame for best results. As soon as the plant gets roots, you can place it in a garden bed. Usually, it needs around 5 weeks.

6. Horseradish

Get a root that is taking in spring and slice it in several parts that are 3-inch big. You can root them in a garden bed, but make sure that every plant is a foot apart.

7. Comfrey

In spring or fall, take one plant and make several cuttings. However, keep in mind that you will need a deep bed because comfrey can release long roots.

8. African violets

This plant can be grown from leaves that have 3-inches big leafy stalk. Simply make a hole that is positioned at a 70-degree angle and place the stalk.

9. Rex Begonia

Only one leaf will do the job, but you will need a moist bed of peat moss and sharp sand.

10. Snake Plant

Another plant that can be grown from leaves that are around 3 inches big. One parent plant can give you a whole family, which is always the key with gardening.

11. Aluminum plant

For the growing of this plant, you need a cutting with 4 nodes. Make sure that you slice away the lower leaves before rooting it. Keep it in a warm place and maintain a medium moist.

12. Coleus

You can get growing tips or side shoots that have risen from the axils of the leaves. This will give beautiful new plants that need to be placed in a medium moisturized garden bed.

13. Geranium

You can take cuttings that are around 8 inches and plant them. Make sure that you treat them with a regular watering for best results.

14. Philodendrons

Take cuttings with 3 nodes and root them in the bed. You can only have the tip and you can expect a new healthy plant to grow.

15. Jade Plant

These wonderful plants can be used as a gift and the female side often appreciate them. You can grow them at home by planting 4-inch long cuttings.

16. Chinese evergreen

These plants can be grown from tip cuttings, but you need to make sure that they are constantly hydrated. For best results, get 3-inch long cuttings and lay them horizontally. Cover them with sand and they will be ready to grow.

17. Dumb cane

Nice plants that somehow lose their leaves as they are growing. Slice off their leafy heads and keep them in a ward place with good light.

Make sure that you slice the remaining canes 2 inches above the soil line. Furthermore, separate the canes into 3-inch sections and place them in rooting trays.

18. Ti Plant

These are tall plants that can release loon roots. Take 1 ft long growing tips and slice off the leaves that are located in the lower parts.

Make sure that you put them in a potting combination and in separate pots while placing them in a spot that will get them enough sunlight.

19. Fragrant Corn plant

A similar plant to the Ti Plant, and if you want to grow it, you can do exactly the same procedure.

20. Fuchsia

Wonderful plants that can be grown easily if you take cuttings that are sliced in the spring. Simply place them in a moist compost-sand combination and keep it covered with plastic. This way, the plant will get enough heat and humidity. Expect beautiful flowers in the summer.

21. Hydrangea

For this plant, you will need 4-inch long tip cuttings that don’t have any leaves in the lower area. Root them in a medium moistened rooting bed and place a plastic on top of it.

22. Weigela

The growth of this plant is easier if you take 5-inch long cuttings that are cut in late spring or early summer. Another plant that needs to be covered in plastic in the beginning in order to get humidity and warmth.

23. Holly

For holly, you need a female cutting that is long around 10 inches. Dip the root in hormone powder and place it in a moist rooting medium.

24. Californian tree poppy

Get several roots in the winter season and separate them by cutting them into 3-inch parts. Make sure that you keep them inside until summer.

25. Rose

Roses are amazingly wonderful plants that can be grown in fall, with the help of a 12-inch long cutting. Make sure that you keep the plant moisturized until winter.


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