25 Quotes That Reveal The Truth About Life with Dogs

Your health and overall well-being are the most important thing in your life, and you should always surround yourself with positive people and good energy.

Rebecca A. Johnson, Ph.D, director of the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction at the University of Missouri, explains that dogs have taken an important role in our life. This friendship lasts for a millennia.

Who’s your best friend? Do you have a dog? If your answer is “yes,” congratulations, you have found your best friend. This furry friend is here to brighten your day and soothe your body and mind.

We have discussed this special relationship for quite some time, and this time we give you the best quotes about your special friend.

Top 25 Quotes About Dogs

1. Sometimes The Best Medicine Is A Dog Who Thinks Their Love Can Cure You. (Dog Mom Vibes Blog)

Your dog can actually feel when you deal with a health condition or stress. The best medicine? Play with your dog or go for a run.

2. Dogs Are Not Dangerous If You Raise Them Right. (Unknown Author)

Get yourself a dog, and teach them right. Raise a happy puppy, and your life will be full of happiness, too. You can actually raise your own happiness. Your dog becomes what you raise it to become.

3. If Dogs Could Talk, I Would Never Try To Make Human Friends Ever Again. (Unknown Author)

This is true for many people. Trust has become an expensive gift, and not everyone is willing to be trustworthy. Yes, dogs can’t talk, but they do understand you. It’s always nice when you sit down next to your dog, and share your problems.

4. Dogs Are Like That, I Guess, They Know How To Fix You Without Saying A Word. (Caroline George)

That’s right! It’s all about their kindness and smiling face. There’s nothing better than a hug, right?

5. Better Than All The Gold In The World, Better Than Diamonds, Better Than Pearls, Better Than Any Material Thing… Is The Love Of A Dog And The Joy It Brings. (Laura Jaworski)

Some may not agree that dogs can replace the love you get from a human being. But, this quote was made to help everyone understand that dogs are better than anything you can buy with money. They offer a warm “hug,” security and a smile.

6. A House Is Never Lonely Where A Loving Dog Waits. (Unknown Author)

Dogs make every laugh even better. They greet visitors and jump around all the time. Amazing!

7. Be Silly, Be Energetic, Be Selfless, Be Resilient, Be Compassionate, Be Forgiving, Be Loyal, And Lovely. Be Doglike. (Ron Schmidt)

Imagine having a talking dog. Dogs are similar to us. They understand, and you can definitely learn something from their loving personality.

8. Dog Is God Spelled Backward. (Duane Chapman)

Dogs are God’s perfect gift for us. You will never be with getting one.

9. Dogs Have Boundless Enthusiasm But No Sense Of Shame. I Should Have A Dog As A Life Coach. (Moby)

Dogs have no sense of shame, and they are free to do anything that makes them happy. The same applies to their owner.

10. You Want A Friend In Washington? Get A Dog. (Former President Harry S. Truman)

Dogs will never betray you. Their playful nature will earn your trust right away. They are here to relieve your pain and make you feel better.

11. If  You Don’t Own A Dog, At Least One, There Is Not Necessarily Anything Wrong With You, But There May Be Something Wrong With Your Life. (Roger A. Caras)

Stress can kill you, and dogs neutralize stress. Simple as that. Get yourself a dog, and live a happy life.

12. People Have Been Asking Me If I Was Going To Have Kids And Had Puppies Instead. (Kate Jackson)

Dogs will give you all the love in this world, and you will feel much better about yourself.

13. The More People I Meet, The More I Like My Dog. (Unknown Author)

A well-trained dog with good manners is the best source of happiness.

14. Money Can Buy You A Fine Dog, But Only Love Can Make Him Wag His Tail. (Kinky Friedman)

You can buy the most expensive bred in the world, but your dog will never bring you happiness if you treat it badly.

15. You Can Tell By The Kindness Of A Dog How A Human Should Be. (Don Van Vliet)

If dogs were people, the world wouldn’t have become this bad. No hate, no anger, no selfishness.

16. You Know, A Dog Can Snap You Out Of Any Kind Of Bad Mood That You’re In Faster Than You Can Think Of. (Jill Abramson)

Your dog is the best therapist. “Ask for help,” and your dog will soothe your soul.

17. If You Pick Up A Starving Dog And Make Him Prosperous, He Will Not Bite You. This Is The Principal Difference Between A Dog And A Man. (Mark Twain)

Dogs know how to express their gratitude, and they are your best friends. Remember that. Dogs remember everything you do.

18. Everything I Know, I Learned From Dogs. (Nora Roberts)

You can learn a lot by watching a playful dog. Pay attention to their behavior and happiness.

19. My Little Dog A Heartbeat At My Feet. (Edith Wharton)

You dog will give you security, love and care. What more could you ask for?

20. A Dog Can’t Think That Much About What He’s Doing. He Does What Feels Right. (Barbara Kingslover)

Dogs are only focused on their happiness. Overthinking doesn’t exist in their world.

21. If There Are No Dogs In Haven, Then When I Die I Want To Go Where They Went. (Will Rogers)

Can you imagine going somewhere without your dog? Me neither.

22. Dogs Got Personality. Personality Goes A Long Way. (Quentin Tarantino)

Your dog is a reflection of yourself. Treat it right, and it will say “thank you” in the most brilliant way.

23. Dogs Do Speak, But Only To Those Who Know How To Listen. (Orhan Pamuk)

Living with dogs is always great. Pay attention to all the small things they do.

24. The Dog Lives For The Day, The Hour, Even The Moment. (Robert Falcon Scott)

Dogs live every moment as if it’s their last one.

25. Life Is Too Short Just To Have One Dog. (Unknown author)

Having a few pups around is always a good idea, right?

Get yourself a dog. Simple as that. Get a few dogs. That’s even better. Spend your day with them, and share your biggest fears and happiness. Your dog will understand.



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