3-Ingredient Powerful Medicinal Tonic You Can Make To Detoxify Your Liver And Kidneys

Do you know what beet kvass means? For those unfamiliar with the term, beet kvass refers to a powerful medicinal tonic with unique taste and a long list of health benefits.

The inclusion of beetroots makes this drink extremely effective. Beets are often used in numerous DIY natural remedies.

They have the ability to boost digestion, promote regularity, and support detoxification of the liver and kidneys essential for our overall health.

We should all understand the importance of detoxification and perform it occasionally to cleanse our body of harmful toxic waste.

Health Benefits of Beet Kvass

Beet kvass is prepared through fermentation. During this process, the beetroot is converted into kvass.

The process of fermentation promotes gut health, boosts the nutritional profile and increases the bioavailability of nutrients from the food you consume.

Drinking fermented beet juice twice a day can effectively cleanse your liver, improve digestion, alkalize the blood, and treat kidney stones.

Keep reading to find out more how to prepare this amazing juice.

Beet Kvass Recipe

The recipe is very easy and simple to prepare. Just follow the instructions below!

Needed Ingredients:

  • Glass jar (half a gallon)
  • Purified water
  • 4 organic beetroots
  • 1 tbsp of Himalayan salt
  • Orange, ginger, lemon, spices ( optional)


Wash the beets, chop them into cubes, and add them to the glass jar. Then, pour the water into the jar and make sure to leave an inch of space at the top. Add the salt and spices.

Use a cheesecloth or towel to cover the jar. Secure it with a rubber band and let it stand for a couple of days, at room temperature.

When the beet kvass turns deep red, this indicates that it is ready. Remove the cloth and replace it with lid. Then, store the jar in the fridge.

This powerful drink is one of the most effective probiotic tonics. It can improve intestinal tract, boost immunity, promote liver detoxification, balance pH levels, and purifies the blood.

Moreover, it has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can effectively prevent cancer.




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