30 Pics Of A Family That Uses Chalk Art To Go On Adventures During The Lockdown

It’s impossible to go outside and socialize these days. We are stuck at home and you can’t really do a lot at home. Well, yes, you can go out and walk, but you can’t walk with other people. Social distance, remember?

A family in Atlanta decided to do something about this. All they needed is some bright chalk crayons. Abbey Burns Tucker started taking photos of her daughters and the drawings she made on the concrete. She shared the photos online, and her work became viral.

“We live outside of Atlanta in GA. We have four girls ages 2 to 13. I love photography, mainly just shooting my girls,” Abbey said.

She came up with the incredible idea after making one of the drawings. It all started with a small drawing. Audrey said, “During the beginning of the quarantine, my oldest drew some balloons. I took a photo of my littlest in them and loved it. Being outside almost every day, we started drawing more and more. We saw how everyone was really enjoying them and just kept going.”

She gets the inspiration from everyday life. The creative mom finishes the drawings in 1-2 hours. However, taking the right pic takes some time.

“I have used the internet for some ideas, friends and family have offered some, and others I just try to imagine what it would be like to go places you can only imagine right now. The photo just depends on how the little one is cooperating.”

We really love these photos, and there’s always a different story behind the drawings.

“I love coming up with an idea, drawing it, and then seeing if it worked. The goal is for it to look like Charlotte is truly in these adventures.”

How do other people react to her incredible work? She didn’t really think that people would love her photos this much.

“The comments have been heartfelt and real,” she said. “I have seen lots better chalk art out there, but I think the added touch of my little one immersed in the adventure is what makes our art different.”



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