4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They are Guarding Friend Hit by Car

Strays usually form packs to move around without being attacked by other dogs. Packs roam city streets together, and look for food near restaurants. They sleep together during the night, and local parks are their most common shelters.

These dogs are loyal to one another and they protect the pack whenever a danger approaches. This loyalty was caught on camera. There’s a video that proves this loyalty. It went viral, and maybe we can learn something from these pups.

In this video, a dog lies in the middle of a street in Lanzhou, central China. The dog was hit by a car, and didn’t survive. It was lying in the middle of the street and his friends wouldn’t leave him alone. They were sitting right there by his side.

The friends were desperate. They tried to revive their dead friend, but their effort wasn’t enough. Their friend was dead and they couldn’t do anything about it.

What did they do? They lied next to him, and blocked the street. The traffic was stopped, and cars had to drive around the pack.

Sources reveal that the dogs weren’t even aware of the fact that their friend was dead. The poor dogs probably expected that the pup would jump on his feet. But, they realized the sad truth at the end of their struggle.

Dogs grieve their owners and friends. They can even become depressed. Losing a companion affects them a lot, and most people aren’t aware of this. Grieving dogs often deal with loss of appetite, lethargy and illness. Their personality changes, and they even become dominant and possessive.

Similar stories have been noticed in other parts of the world. Animals in general show empathy. They know when something goes bad. They know when someone dies.

Sarah Simmons shared a similar story. In her photo, we can see a group of ponies standing next to a dead pony. Her heart was broken.

The little pony was killed by a car. Her post will hopefully raise awareness. Owners aren’t the only ones who suffer after losing an animal. The animal’s friends suffer, too.

The video of the dogs standing guard over their late friend:



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