4 Ways to Heal a Cold Sore Naturally

You have probably had an oral herpes, or maybe some of your friends had to treat one, so you sure know how unpleasant can it be. It can be really irritating and last for weeks, not to mention that sometimes it can be a real esthetic problem.

You can use different creams and medications to treat the infection, but these products often leave small scars even if the herpes is completely healed.

Herpes simplex virus causes this unpleasant esthetic problem, and kissing, hugging and using the same eating utensils with an infected person are some of the ways you can get an oral herpes.

Even after the herpes is healed, the virus remains in the body, hidden in the nerves near the mouth and the nose, but it will appear only when your immunity declines.

You can use some homemade remedies to treat an oral herpes, and the ingredients you need are inexpensive and easy avaliable.

Make a thick paste using garlic and honey. Crash 3 garlic cloves and add 100 g of honey. Apply the remedy on the infected skin areas.

Pumpkin oil is really amazing in treating oral herpes, and you can always find it in the nearest healthy food store. Instead of buying an expensive cream, try some 3% hydrogen peroxide -- you will be amazed by the results.

You can also use some lentil flour. Simply, add a tablespoon of flour to 2 cups of hot water, and cook the mixture for a few minutes. Apply it directly on the oral herpes, but be careful if it is too hot.

Mix equal parts of salt and baking soda (a tablespoon of each, for example), and add just enough water to get a thick paste. Apply it on the herpes, several times a day. Aloe vera, mint and propolis are some of the natural remedies you can also use.


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