45 Funny Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Canada

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when someone mentions Canada? For some, it’s maple syrup. Others are impressed with the kindness of Canadians.

We give you the most hilarious photos representing the Canadian stereotypes, and you will love them all.

1. Life in Canada

Canadians say “sorry” a lot. The government passed the “Apology Act” to limit the use of this word. Back in time, Canadian lawyers could prove their client apologized at the time of the “crime” and the case would turn in their favor.

2. A common sight in a Northern Canadian town

Canadian lawmakers told people that an apology “means an expression of sympathy or regret” and not “an admission of fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or actions relate.”

3. A common Canadian thing

4. Canadian Police vs. Citizens

5. Check out this cool hat

6. Police officers in Montreal protest a labor dispute. Check out their “work” pants

7. A typical Christmas in Canada

8. Spring, winter, and fall

9. Canadian kindness?

10. Canadian commuters handle the situation with missing workers and broken automatic gates

11. This toddler sells lemonade in Kenora, ON

12. Someone is stealing their rhubarb

13. The finesse of Canadian police

14. Canada much?

15. This moose followed people to their house

16. Meditation in the morning

17. This happened in Montreal

18. A hilarious reason to not drop a package off at the front door

19. Parking tickets in Canada

20. A “sensory-friendly shopping”

21. This is Canada

22. Canadian signs

23. What to do after stealing someone’s parking spot in Canada?

24. A memorial for the dead raccoon

25. Bathroom graffiti

26. Aggressive geese in Canada

27. A kid in Fort McMurray got his first ticket

28. Someone got this text: “Hey can we use ur pool there’s a moose in ours”

29. Polite robbers

30. Canadian police at the marathon

31. More graffiti

32. Buses apologize for an accident

33. This is Canada vol. 2

34. This is Canada vol. 3

35. Rights in Canada

36. Police officers play hockey with the kids

37. Canadian streets

38. Happy Canada Day!

39. People in Canada

40. Killer beaver

41. Check this out

42. Fashion week at the bar

43. A man and his goats

44. Even animals are polite

45. He’s going to class

Everything is different in Canada. Their hotels, police officers, rules… Would you consider moving to Canada? Maybe you will have trouble getting used to this politeness.



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