45 Practical Uses For Wood Ash Around the Home and Garden

Did you know that ashes can be used for a number of purposes? From cleansing to polishing and brightening, ashes offer a handful of properties which make them super useful to have around.

Here are 45 amazing uses of ashes:

1. Balances Acidic Soil

Apply 5-10 pounds of ashes to every 100 square feet. Do this before planting, so you avoid burning the leaves.

2. Boosts Compost

For a great compost, throw some ask in it to increase the soil-nourishing value.

3. Keeps Bears Away

Dust your compost with wood ash to keep the bears away from your garden.

4. Repels Snails and Slugs

Get rid of slimy pests and make a circle of ash around your most affected plants.

5. Busts Blossom

To ensure fully blossoming plants and veggies, toss a bit of wood ash into the dirt before planting.

6. Deals with Pond Algae

Use one tablespoon of ashes for 1,000 gallons of water to keep your pond area algae-free.

7. Saves Crops from Frosting

Dust your plants with a bit of wood ash to avoid any traces of frosting in your garden.

8. Dust-Bathing Birds

If you care for birds, throw a handful of ash around their bathing area.

9. Powder Your Pets

Eliminate fleas in pets by sprinkling them with ash. The same is done to get rid on unpleasant fur smells.

10. Powder Cattle

Get rid of all unwanted insects and keep your cattle in good health by rubbing a bit of wood ash on them.

11. Deodorize Chicken Coop

Place a thick layer of wood ash and charcoal chunks in the chicken coop before littering to keep the area fresh.

12. Keep the Bunnies Away

Add wood ash to your rabbit water bottles and poultry water containers to stop algae from growing. Replace regularly.

13. Increase Hens’ Laying Process

For the best results, add 1% wood ash to the chicken feeding, thus also reducing the unpleasant smell in the nest.

14. Eliminate Litter Box Odor

Just like with birds, sprinkle a cup of ash and charcoal into a clean pet litter to repel any smell.

15. Remove Fur Odor

To remove nasty pet odors, rub some wood ash into their fur. All done!

16. Fireplace Glass Cleaner

Use a damp sponge dubbed into a bit of ash to rub off any fireplace glass stains.

17. Top Stove Glass Cleaner

Use the same technique to clean the stove glass as well. If the stains are thicker, add water to the ashes to make a paste.

18. Make Soap

Ashes make a great soap for daily use, and you can find many easy and practical DIY tutorials online.

19. Keep Your Silver Shiny

Make an ash-water paste and rub silverware with it. Wait a few minutes before wiping and polishing them off.

20. Clean Up Your Silver Jewelry

Clean necklaces by rubbing ash-dipped cloth and polishing them altogether.

21. Freshen Up Your Fridge

Mix wood ash and charcoal chunks in a small bag or a can and place it in the back of your fridge/freezer. Replace occasionally.

22. Repel Household Pests

To keep mice and rodents away, sprinkle ash in the corners of the attic, garage, pipes, and pantry.

23. Use as a Desiccant

To avoid moist air, set up tin cans of wood ash and charcoal chunks in the most affected areas of your home.

24. Crystal Clear Wine

Use a sterilized funnel with a coffee filter in an empty carboy and add charcoal pieces atop it. Stack your wine in the carboy.

25. Protect Delicate Fabrics

Add ash to wool and other delicate fabrics and brush off and launder the clothes regularly when in season.

26. Save Your Fiber Stash

Pat ash on yarn before storing it. Brush ash before using the stored items.

27. Dry Shampoo

Add a small amount of ash a day to your hair, massaging the scalp and roots. Wait several minutes before flipping and brushing your hair.

28. Wound Care

If you have an injured pet or domestic animal, use ash to mend the wound temporarily.

29. Wood Ash Toothpaste

With great ash toothpastes already available, bamboo ash toothpaste stands out as a great option.

30. Make a Deodorant

Rub a handful of ash on exposed skin (not the eyes or face). To avoid clothes smells, pat it on the fabric as well.

31. Natural Tick Repellent

Avoid tick bites by patting ash on your bare arms and legs.

32. Fire Extinguisher

Keep a few buckets of ash around in case of a fire breakout, whether at home or at work.

33. A Blacksmith Knockout

If you are a blacksmith, know ash is great to insulate metal and will help it cool off gradually.

34. Natural Charcoal Briquettes

Sift wood ash to get charcoal you are free to use to fire up a grill.

35. Grill Cleaner

Apply ash paste on grill grates and unreachable inside corners. Let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the grill well. Rinse after.

36. Make a Mini Root Cellar

Dig a hole in the ground and pour a layer of ash, adding your roots in it, without them touching one another. Cover with ash and cover with a wood piece.

37. Save Seeds for Next Year

Throw in some ash in your seed container to prevent moisture in your preserved seeds.

38. Clean Oil Spills in the Garage

To do this, add wood ash on oil spills and sweep up the contents right after.

39. Hide Concrete Stains

Add a layer of ash in the concrete to hide stains and uneven color patches.

40. Pottery Glaze

Use wood ash to glaze pottery and leave it spotless.

41. Repel Ants

Pour ashes on an ants’ ‘hill’ to relocate them from the garden or your home.

42. Pet-Safe Ice Melt

During the winter, throw ash onto accumulated ice to melt it.

43. Wood Ash Garnish

Some chefs use ashes as an addition to their dishes, but make sure the ash is not processed or chemically treated before using it.

44. Nixtamalization

Nixtamalization is basically steeping corn in an alkaline liquid, in this case, made of ash and hot water.

45. If You Make Your Own Cheese

Use ash during cheese preparation. This process helps cheese age well.

If you are planning to use ash in the garden, there are some plants who appreciate this addition more than others. Never use wood ash in plants who enjoy acidic soil, such as:

  • Raspberries,
  • Strawberries,
  • Blueberries,
  • Rhododendrons,
  • Fruit trees,
  • Azaleas,
  • Potatoes,
  • Parsley.

Also, know that, whenever using ashes, you should always wear proper equipment.

Source: www.ruralsprout.com


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