5-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout For Those Who Don’t Have Much Free Time

If you want to burn as much calories as possible, and you do not have enough free time, these 5-minute exercises will help you achieve your goal.

They are perfect for the days when you do not have enough time for your regular workout, and what is even better, they do not require any additional equipment, so you can make them at home.

1. Bridge march

It is kind of a yoga bridge, and the challenge is to maintain your hips as high as possible, while moving your legs constantly. Lift your arms up to increase the weight. In this way you will not have any support and the exercise will have a huge impact on your torso.

2. Downward dog push-ups

This combination is great for your back and arm muscles. Set your legs at a higher surface to increase the weight.

3. Squats

Squats are the most effective exercises for your bottocks and legs, and they help you burn more calories. In this combination you should focus first on one leg, setting it to the front and to the back. Switch to the other leg. Jump for an extra weight.

4. T-stretching rotation

This exercise will strengthen your torso and arms. If you cannot do it, start with just a few rotations. But, if it is too easy for you, do a push-up while you are stretching your arms.

5. Skater jumps

This exercise is super-simple, but extremely efficient for your legs and buttocks. Increase or reduce the intensity, depending on your speed and strength.

The faster you move, the more calories you burn. And it is pretty good that you do not have much time, because you will have to hurry up to finish your exercise.

Watch the video below for more detailed instructions:


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