5 Signs of a Strong Woman

“The world needs strong women; women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved, women who live bravely, both tender and fierce; women of indomitable will.” – Amy Tenney

Women are inherently strong, and they seem to have natural power and determination to stand tall on their own and defend what or who they care about.

Yet, knowing a strong woman or having one beside you is a true blessing, as these creatures have somehow mastered the art of living.

According to Minds Journal:

“They have already identified their needs and their goals. They always put their dreams over anything else. They are not embarrassed to show their genuine self.

Although life is a fast evolving process, strong women will continue to grow while staying true to themselves. They do it partly by giving time to let their interests and passion develop.

Another reason for their success in being honest about their identity is that they recognize their strengths and use them as leverage to be successful in life.”


“They are determined to stay happy and jovial in their everyday life. Their principle in life is to always stay positive. They know how blessed they are and how to be thankful for it.

Strong women are noted for making things fun, whatever it is that they are doing. This is how they ensure that their family and loved ones are happy. While they are serious about achieving their goals, they do have a great sense of humor.”

Here are 5 signs that you have met one of these women:

1. She is independent

Strong women do not need a man to teach them the beauty of life or give life a value. They are highly independent and are able to go through life alone, without being afraid of new challenges.

These women believe they can do it all, they are raised to believe they can achieve all their goals.

Yet, this can sometimes be tricky, as these women usually solve all problems and go through all difficult times alone, without accepting any help from others.

2. She takes risks

A strong woman takes risks to test her own limits and to see if she can cross her boundaries, and she knows well when to push her luck and when to fold. She faces her fears and learns from them, and she approaches every new challenge with confidence.

3. She respects the others and herself

A strong woman will never tolerate being humiliated or unappreciated, as she is aware of her own value. Yet she does not respect herself only, but she also admires others as well.

She is always kind and does not get angry id people do not treat her as she deserves, but she has her own ways to cope with it. She maintains a proper balance between arrogance and low self-esteem and treats all other people as her equal.

4. She is always positive

Strong women know the potential of positive thinking, and they believe they can make the best of any situation in that way.

These women use the power of positivity daily and use all their energy to focus on the bright side of life. They do not fixate on problems but work hard to find solutions.

5. She controls her emotions

A strong woman masters her emotions and usually uses the power of her mind to govern her. However, she does not let anyone manipulate with her emotions, and control her energy.

She is aware of the power of fear and doubt, so she does not allow them to prevent her from achieving her desired results.

Strong women change the world, they have a vision, and do their best to become better every single day. These women always leave a long-lasting imprint on the universe.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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