5 Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Unhappy

Apparently, 6 out of 10 people are unhappy in their relationship, but unfortunately, many of these would rather stay out of the fear of leaving, or due to the stability and comfort.

Yet, Mariana Bockarova Ph.D. reveals some interesting facts:

“In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers sought to discover whether people in relationships consider not only their own wants and needs but also the feelings of their partners when deciding whether or not to end a romantic relationship.

The researchers concluded that, indeed, we tend to stay in romantic relationships that are not particularly fulfilling, not for ourselves, but for our partners:

“We found that our effects were not moderated by feelings of being appreciated, suggesting that even people who felt less appreciated or relatively more taken for granted by their partner still took their partner’s feelings into account when making stay/leave decisions.

Across both studies, we did not find moderations by satisfaction, investment, quality of alternatives, or commitment.

These results suggest that people are less likely to break up with a romantic partner who is highly dependent on the relationship even if the relationship is not doing a particularly good job of meeting their own needs.”

However, what we all need to remember is that sometimes, doing the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

No one should remain in a relationship if it does not bring happiness, and everyone deserves a loving and caring companion in life. What’s more, you would also not want to be with someone who pities you, would you?

Here are five signs that your relationship does not make you happy:

1. You feel trapped or suffocated:

Your relationship makes you unhappy if you feel trapped in it. You should feel full of life and joy, and not suffocated and carrying a burden.

Your love affair should be an exciting experience that brings unforgettable moments, and not something that just deprives you of your freedom.

2. Your relationship tires you:

You are in an unhappy relationship if you no longer feel the connection between you too, and your affair makes you lethargic and uninspired, instead of motivated and overjoyed.

You can resolve the lack of chemistry with a civilized relationship and check if your old feelings are gone or not.

3. You are not sexually attracted to your partner anymore:

You might now have sex as frequently as you had when you first met, but the lack of desire to be sexually active with your partner indicates that you no longer feel emotionally and mentally connected to him.

Sex is essential in a healthy relationship, so you need to discuss the issue, and find out the real cause of it.

4. You no longer enjoy the time you spend together:

If you no longer feel excited to see your partner, or spend the night watching movies, or doing things together, you need to reevaluate your feelings.

You deserve to be with someone who lights a fire within your soul, and not someone whose company you no longer crave for.

5. You would rather spend time with your family and friends:

If you do not want to spend your time with your loved one, it means you have grown tired of your relationship and find the time spent with others much more interesting and valuable. You need to share this with your partner, and either find a solution or go separate ways.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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