5 Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

Our uncontrolled mind can be compared to a 5-year old child, too curious, running all the time, unable to sit still for a few seconds.

Victor Davich, author of 8-Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind, Change Your Life, says:

“Americans suffer from a case of ADD. With technology, economic pressures, work, and family, it’s impossible to be on top of everything and it’s upsetting our natural balance.”

The constant overload leads to fear, depression, and anxiety.  However, it is not impossible to change its patterns- in fact, our brains can be easily rewired since our bodies are highly adaptable, and quickly pick up on new habits.

It may sound difficult, but there are several techniques to help you restore the peaceful nature, balance, and harmony of your mind:

1. Focus on positivity

You should shift the focus from all the negativity that surrounds you, and help your brain create positive thoughts. Think about people and things that make you happy, and be thankful for them.

2. Reconnect with nature

Time spent in nature is extremely valuable, and it will help you relieve stress, and restore the natural bond with nature.

Find time to forget the trivial matters of the material world, and go and enjoy the serenity and peace in nature, and you will find solace from the strains of modern society.

3. Meditate

According to Davich:

“Meditation is one of the quickest tools for finding inner peace and quiet. It’s an Eastern tool for Western results.”

He adds: “Being mindful doesn’t mean quieting your mind in the way most people expect. The mind isn’t going to stop thinking. A Zen master once told me the goal of mindfulness isn’t to suppress thinking but to surpass it.”

During meditation, we control the flow of thoughts that bombard our consciousness and become aware of everything that happens at that moment. It will help you soothe the body and mind, and adopt a more peaceful mindset.

Davich says:

“Keep a daily consistent appointment with your meditation practice, just like brushing your teeth. It’s a wonderful tool to help put space between you and the world’s distractions.”

4. Repeat peaceful words during the day

Your brain needs constant control, all day long. It is not always easy to have a consistent positive mindset while living in a stress-rich society, surrounded by negative people. Yet, peaceful words can save you even in the most difficult moments.

Whenever you feel the anxiety in you, just repeat some simple, calming words, like Tranquil. Calm. Peaceful. Serenity. Light. Love. Relaxing. Breeze. Beach. As you repeat them, your brain will get the message and you will instantly calm it.

5. Live here and now

Every single day brings about a ton of new responsibilities and tasks we need to finish by its end, but if you focus on such things, and the uncertain future that awaits you, you will suffer from chronic stress, depression, and anxiety.

Instead, you need to learn how to go with the flow, live in the present moment, and find your peace.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com


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