50 Clever Illustrations Of ‘Same’ Words That You Probably Confuse Way Too Often

Bryce Worden has found the perfect way to use the English language, and his fans really enjoy his nerdy language jokes

We all like language jokes, and it’s always great to hear someone crack one of these. It makes us laugh until our stomachs hurt. Bruce Worden set up a blog called Homophones, Weakly, and he will definitely make you laugh.

Worden really likes homophones, and his jokes are actually visualized. If by any chance you didn’t know, homophones are words with the same pronunciation but different meaning, origin, or spelling.

Worden studied scientific illustration at the University of Michigan. He has been drawing hilarious pics his whole life.

“I always strived for realism, and going to art school really gave me a chance to hone those artistic skills and focus on becoming a scientific illustrator,” said Worden.

Worden creates illustrations for the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Let’s be honest, Bruce does like playing with the English language. His minimalistic illustrations will attract your attention right away.

“While I think spell-check software is amazing, anyone who relies on it as their sole means of catching mistakes leaves themselves vulnerable to homophone typos,” Worden explained.

In this article, we have listed the best illustrations of homophones.

Source: www.insider.com


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