6 Reasons You Should Scatter Eggshells All Over Your Garden

Eggs are are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. An average person eats about 150-200 eggs every year. According to recent stats, we consume over a trillion eggs each year.

Where do all those eggshells end? Eggshells are 96% calcium carbonate crystals, and these crystals are connected with proteins. Eggshells are added to fertilizers and animal feed. But, an average consumer just dumps them in the waste bin.

We give you a few nice ideas, and we believe you will find them really useful:

1. Fertilizer

Add eggshells to your compost for more calcium. Shells decompose quickly and you don’t even have to sterilize or grind them up. You can also add eggshells to the planting holes before you put the plant in.

In winter months, scatter eggshells all across your ground. In early spring, till the shells into the ground.

Shells are great for your tomatoes, peppers, and other plans that lack minerals.

2. Deter pests

Scatter crumbled eggshells around your garden to keep slugs and snails away from your plants. These don’t really like the sharp edges of the shells, and that’s a big reason to use this method.

3. Seed starters

Eggshells decompose easily so you can use them as seed-starter pots. Remove the contents through a small hole, and boil them to clean the inside.

Make another drainage hole at the bottom and full your shells up. Once you see the new shoots, transplant the eggshells into big pots or your garden.

4. Birdfeed

Momma birds need calcium. Bake eggshells at 250°F / 120°C for 10 minutes. You need them dry but not brown. Crumble the shells and add them to your bird feeder. Add eggshells to your birdseed, suet, or mealworms.

5. Deer

Deer may enjoy their dinner in your garden, but you definitely don’t like them anywhere near your plants. Use eggshells and scatter them around to keep deer away from your garden.

Deer don’t really like the smell of albumin and they definitely hate raw eggs. But, there’s also an obstacle you should be aware of. Your eggshells may attract rodents who love eggs. Take care of that problem first.

6. Aesthetic value

Sterilize and crumble eggshells and keep them in a large glass jar. Sprinkle egg crumbles around your plants to repel pests and give your soil enough calcium. This trick will also make your garden look pretty. The white color looks really well in every garden.

Need more reasons to collect eggshells? You can eat sterilized and crumbled eggshells to boost your calcium intake.

You can add eggshells to your coffee to neutralize the bitter flavor. Add eggshells to apple cider vinegar to wash your face, rinse your hair and take a tablespoon a day. Simple as that.

Source: morningchores.com


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