6 Tips for Keeping Your Lungs Healthy

The lungs are vital organs which enable us to supply our body with sufficient amounts of oxygen. They allow us to move smoothly to be physical active and to carry out our daily duties.

How to keep them healthy? Read a few simple tips:

Stop Smoking Immediately

Who knows how many times you read about this, but if you continue to smoke then anything you do for your lungs would be insufficient and banal.
If you want to do something for your lungs first quit smoking immediately.

Proper Hydration and Healthy Nutrition

Drinking at least 5-6 glasses of clean and healthy water daily and regular consumption of fruit and vegetables is very important for our lungs and for the other organs too. Therefore watch your diet.

Avoid Third-hand Smoke

What is third-hand smoke? If smoking is first hand, non-smokers, ie the presence in a room where the smokers are smoking is second hand smoke, then the room where was expose to smokers for a long time is a third-hand smoke. So do not use the room for day care, which for many years was expose to smokers.

Moderate Wine Consumption

Resveratrol is a substance contained in a wine which is invaluable for your lungs. So drink moderate amounts of wine, because it is a source of health for the entire body.

Avoid Large Amounts Of Fluid While Eating

Scientists say that you should avoid drinking large amounts of fluid while eating because it increases the pressure on the diaphragm and can lead to damage of the lung parenchyma.

Walk In Nature

Walking in nature and supply the body with fresh air is good for the whole body, especially for the lungs. Take a walk in nature whenever possible, even if it is very short.


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