7 Amazing Tips For Migraine Headache Pain Relief

Modern man suffer more frequently from migraines. The fast lifestyle, stress, lack of physical activity, blood circulation and poor and unhealthy diet are major causes of migraine, although now no one can confirm and prove this.

Researchers put the migraine to the group of headaches that cause chronic pain that can last from several hours to several days. Symptoms can be so unbearable, so anything you want is to be in bed in a dark room where you can relax and get away from everyone else.

You can do meditation and yoga at your home in a relaxed atmosphere. Find an activity that relax you and do it at least half an hour every day. You can listen relax music, reading a book etc..

Here are a few tips that can help you:

1. Healthy Sleep

Try to sleep 6 to 8 hours every day and make sure do not break these numbers. Don’t go to bed too late, or if you do make sure to be at the weekends, do not do it during weekdays. Speaking of the weekend, try not to get up too late. Be more active and do not lay in bed too needlessly.

2. Take A Rest While You Have A Migraine

Go in a quieter and darker room. Take a break from technology and the people around you. Drink tea and massage your head places where you feel pain.

3. Watch Your Diet

Migraine can occur if you skip meals. Avoid the consumption of alcohol (beer, wine) and limit your intake of caffeine during the day. A large percentage of people suffering from migraine due to hypersensitivity to certain types of food and drinks. Wine and chocolate are known factors for amino acid -- tyramine, and therefore do not eat too much of these two products.

4. Fish Oil And Magnesium

Recent research has shown that people who add fish oil in meals, have reduced their pain. This is due to the same effect that has magnesium. He is important for healthy blood vessels and nerves and is helpful in preventing the narrowing of blood vessels.

5. Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is also known as riboflavin, and is proven that it can reduce the frequency of migraine pain. It is also found that vitamin D along with calcium supplement is very effective against migraine.

6. Depression, Irritability Or Excitement

Some of those people who suffer from migraine may experience sudden depression, while others may experience great energy and excitement. All sudden changes in your mood are connected with migraine. So do not let it the depression to overtake you.

7. Physical Activity

Be more physically active. Walk more, drive your bike and not lay at home.


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