7 Common Types Of Headaches & Their Surprising Causes

Can you understand the signs your body sends? Our bodies are designed to warn us every time something goes bad. Your regular headache can sure tell you a lot about your health.

There are several different types of headaches, and each type is triggered by a different cause. The first thing you should do is learn how to recognize your type and find the right treatment.

Common types of headaches and main causes

1. Sinus headache

Sinusitis causes painful pressure in the affected area. This type of headache radiates inside the forehead, around the eyes and in your cheeks. Sinus headaches become worse in the evening.

If you have this type of headache, consult your doctor to do additional check-ups to eliminate any bigger issue. Capsaicin cream shows great results in the treatment of this type.

2. Allergy headache

Headaches caused by allergies are really common. Allergies block sinuses, causing pressure. This develops into pain, and you get watery/itchy eyes. This pain affects the top of the head and the face. A few simple changes into your diet can help you relieve the pan.

3. Caffeine withdrawal headache

Does your head hurt when you don’t take your daily dose of caffeine? You may be dealing with caffeine withdrawal. It’s accompanied by throbbing pain. Caffeine constricts blood vessels. Once you stop taking it, they will dilate. Limit your caffeine intake.

4. Anxiety headache

Chronic stress can give you anxiety headache. It goes across the forehead, and feels as if you are wearing a headband. Try to avoid stressful situations and get your beauty sleep.

5. Tension headache

This is the most common type of headaches. It starts at the temples, goes all the way to the back of the head and down the neck. It may be caused by strain on muscles and connective tissues in your neck and scalp. Sometimes it’s caused by emotional and physical stress. Get enough rest and avoid stress.

6. Cluster headache

These are really painful. The pain is centered around the eyes, giving you tearful eyes and nasal congestion. Scientists have yet to determine the cause of this type of headache. According to some, it’s caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. You know what to do in this case.

Doctors usually recommend oxygen therapy, sumatriptan and local anesthetic to relieve the pain. It’s a long process, and your doctor will create a prevention plan. It includes corticosteroids, melatonin, topiramate and calcium channel blockers.

7. Migraine headache

It lasts 4-72 hours. Migraines are debilitating and cause nausea and vomiting, making you sensitive to light and sound. Instead of prescription drugs, use natural alternatives. Peppermint oil works really well. You can also use cold compresses and apple cider vinegar to relieve your pain.



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