7 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Longan Fruit

Longan is a fruit that belongs to the family of berries and it is quite similar to lychee. This berry fruit can improve your overall health because of its strong inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics.

Also, it can be a good aide in the fight against chronic disease, staph infection, candida, MRSA, or any neurodegenerative condition.

The word Longan comes from the Chinese language carrying the meaning “dragon eye.” The Chinese have used this fruit for medicinal purposes many decades ago and you can get it in Asian stores due to the fact that it comes from South Asia.

In its looks, it can remind you a lot like lychee because longan is a tropical fruit of the soapberry type. You can only eat the flash, so you have to remove the skin and seeds.

7 Benefits of Consuming Longan Every Day

1. Improves the health of your bones

Logan can boost your bones’ health and reduce the risks of bone density. Logan is rich in vitamin D and calcium, which is perfect for the health of your bones.

As a bonus, consuming longan will enhance the pathways that activate osteoblasts which are cells that form your bones. This advantage can be taken by aging and menopausal women who have bigger risks of developing osteoporosis or bone loss.

2. Prevents or Treat Inflammation

On many occasions, the reasons behind a chronic disease are starting from asthma to arthritis. Also, your immune system is always at risk because many conditions can actually force your immune system to attack himself.

Of course, there are medications that can help you, but why not use natural remedies that will stop this from happening in the first place?

As we said, longan owns strong anti-inflammatory properties that are located in the seeds, flower, and fruit.

Also, it is rich in antioxidant elements such as phenols and flavonoids that can activate a protein complex in the cell known as NF-kB that our bodies can’t even exist without. This compound also controls your body’s response to inflammation.

3. Fights Cell Damage Caused By Free Radicals

Logan is a powerful antioxidant that is wealthy in flavonoids and tannins. This will protect your cells from any harm that can be done by free radicals.

When your system can’t beat the free radicals, it triggers a state of oxidative stress. Also, to fight off these free radicals, you will need a strong immune system and longan can help you here too because of its wealthiness in vitamin C.

4. Kills Bacteria

The whole fruit has powerful properties including the seeds which can help your system win the fight against bacteria, especially against bacteria such as Staphylococcus which can trigger a staph infection.

Also, this bacteria can’t be destroyed by Antibiotic Methicillin, but the seed extract of longan will definitely help you.

Another bacteria that can be destroyed by longan seeds is Propionibacterium which is the main reason behind acne. All in all, longan has strong antimicrobial properties that can help you fight off numerous condition.

5. Prevents and Treats Fungal Infections

As we mentioned, these tropical fruits have a huge amount of essential elements including polyphenols. These compounds will protect you from fungal infections such as Candida species or Cryptococcus nanoforms.

With the help of longan, you will eliminate any fungal activity in your system. You can use the properties of longan to make mouthwash and use it orally.

6. Enhances Brain Function

The functions of your brain can be significantly boosted with the help of longan due to its high antioxidant properties.

As we said before, longan will protect your brain from oxidative stress which will reduce the risks of developing a neurodegenerative or nerve-wasting condition such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

7. Improves Your Energy Levels

You can reduce your fatigue and enhance your energy by consuming longan on daily basis.

This is because movement exhausts your body due to the buildup of waste products that are located in the urea nitrogen in your liver) and lactic acid (in your muscles). Longan will decrease the amount of these waste products.

You can get fresh longan at any store, and you can find it either fresh or dried. With dried longan, you can always make a cup of tea which is extremely healthy. If that is not enough, find flowers or seeds extracts because they are extremely healthy.

All in all, you need to understand that the natural products will always be appreciated by your body.

Your body thrives on these healthy nutrients and consuming them can give you a rewarding feeling. Also, knowing that you have reduced the risks of getting sick can be amazing.


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