7 Promises You Should Make Yourself (And Keep)

Do you have enough time to love yourself? Yes, most people are just too busy to have some “me time.” It’s sad, because this part of the day/week is actually giving you enough strength to move forward. Give yourself some “me time,” and use it to make a few promises. To yourself.

You matter. Most people forget that. It all starts with you and your well-being. We usually spend too much energy worrying about others, and we often ignore our needs. Start off with 7 simple promises, and your life will change to the better.

“Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep.” – Anthony Hitt

7 Promises You Should Make Yourself And Keep:

1. I will listen to my body and mind when feeling stressed

Pain, stress and emotions drain us. We need a rest. Our bodies need a rest. Give your brain a break! If you don’t do this, you can easily develop a serious health condition. A simple meditation can restore your energy, giving you enough will to move on. Yoga works really well, too.

2. I will smile every day

Smiling boosts your mood. Spend more time with people who make you laugh and your life will change overnight. Smiles kill stress and boost your energy. Even a fake smile can do the trick. Stop being so grumpy. Smiling improves your connection with people.

3. I will live a life of positive expansion

Dig deeper in your childhood. Observe your behavior. Are you attracted to something special? You may be more talented than you think. It’s time to step outside the box and leave your comfort zone. Break your boundaries and see what happens next. Enjoy the surprise!

4. I will leave the past behind, but always take the lesson with me

Break free from your past! It’s actually an unnecessary burden that “kills” your mood and self-confidence. Try not to repeat the same mistakes and learn the lesson. Now it’s time to move on!

5. I will always live the life I want to live

It’s your life so make sure you enjoy every minute of it. Don’t let others tell you what’s good or bad for you. Just enjoy your life. You can’t make everyone happy. Live your best life and take a lot of pics while doing it!

6. I will remember that relationships are seasonal

Of course they are. It’s hard to tell whether you will have the same friends or partner in two years. Maybe you believe that these people are good for you at the moment. But, time changes everything and some people may leave you next season. Don’t fall in despair. Move on and find yourself new friends.

7. I will accept when changes are needed in my life

Don’t resist the natural cycle. Truth is, you won’t even notice these changes. They don’t happen overnight. It’s a slow cycle. Every change brings something good. You don’t want to miss it, right?

A promise journal can be of great help for you. Write a few promises, and keep them. Life can take you in another country, who knows… Maybe that’s where all the magic begins.



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