7 Signs He Is In Love With You, Even if He Doesn’t Say it

Men and women have different ways of expressing their emotions. It’s easier for women to say “I love you.” Men prefer showing their love.

This may lead to problems at some point of romantic relationships. Women think men don’t feel anything about them, but truth is, they don’t like to say it. They’d rather show it.

7 things your men does instead of saying “I love you”

1. He makes sacrifices for you

Making a sacrifice is easy when you are in love. It’s a common virtue of people who poses selflessness, maturity and love. A healthy relationship usually relies on mutual sacrifice, otherwise, one of the partners will be unhappy all the time.

If your man loves you, he will do whatever it takes to make things work. Yes, he’d sacrifice for you.

2. He listens to you

Women are better listeners than men in general. But, when your man pays attention to the things you say, it means he loves you. That’s his way of showing his love for you. It’s even better if he acts on your convos.

3. He isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability

Men don’t usually show their emotions, and they always hide their vulnerability. They don’t like to be considered weak. But, men in love let their guard down.

They are comfortable with their partner and the way they feel. If your men shows his vulnerability, he loves you.

4. He likes your “worst-day look”

Looking good is a must when you go out with your partner, but sometimes you don’t feel like getting all dressed up. If your man likes how you look in your pajamas, he’s all yours. Men in love think their women are beautiful in every part of the day.

5. He is proud of you

A man in love brags about his woman’s success. He will be proud of your maternity, career or the lunch you made. That’s how he says ‘I love you.’

6. He sticks up for you

Don’t worry if he doesn’t do this. Men like to avoid controversies and conflicts, so if your men defends you, don’t worry, he is the man of your life.

7. He respect your friends and family

It’s one of the most important signs. Being with someone you love, means having a partner that respects your friends and family. He cares about you, and he likes the people around you.

It’s not easy for him to like every family member, but he always treats them with respect.



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