7 Things Every Child Needs To Hear

Children need words of encouragement as much as you do. They may be tiny, but they do feel bad at times. Kids are curious and adventurous. Unfortunately, some of them lack self-confidence.

It’s really important that you talk to your children about their emotions and their needs. Teach your children to love themselves and care for people around them. Tell them that failure will only make them stronger.

Give them the encouragement they need, and they will become strong and successful adults. Teach your child about love, forgiveness, honesty and emotions. Help them realize that not everyone will like them.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Teach them to give a second chance by giving them a second chance. Teach yourself to be a better parent.

Every child needs to hear the following phrase. All the time.

1. I love you

Your child needs to feel loved. There’s no such thing as too much love. Tell them you love them all the time. This will give them strength, self-esteem, courage and growth. Being loved and accepted is the best feeling in the world.

Love gives children time to heal, develop and grow. They will feel important, and won’t be afraid of anything in this world. By saying “I love you,” you teach your kids how to love the world.

2. I am proud of you

Your child may be small, but it sure needs affirmation and validation. Children need all the support in this world, and they need to know that you are here to give them love and strength. Support children to help them develop independence.

Your child will sometimes make choices that don’t fit your criteria, but you are their parent, and you are proud of them. Say that more often. We are all different, and your child is unique in its own brilliant way.

3. I am wrong and I am sorry

We all make mistakes, and your child needs to know that. In this way you will show your child that you are human and that you have compassion for their feelings. Be real with your child.

Nobody is perfect, so it’s really important that you accept your imperfections and be honest. Apologize every time you make a mistake. Your child will learn that they can’t be perfect.

Apologies build a system of tolerance and open-mindedness between parents and children. This will help your child build healthy relationships in future.

4. I forgive you

Sometimes you say or do things you should not do. Sometimes you break a promise or forget an important date. The same can happen to your child. Don’t get angry at them for doing the same things you do.

Nobody wants to be punished for their mistakes or humiliated in front of other family members or friends. Find a way to tell your child that they made a bad choice and forgive them.

You need to teach them that they are great despite their flaws and mistakes. Don’t punish your child.

5. I am listening

How often do you talk to your child? Your child needs to know that you are always here to listen to their problems. Show interest in their problems, adventures and daily activities. Pay close attention to their words to avoid misunderstandings.

Talk and discuss the topic they bring out, and make sure you catch all the important information. Your child needs to feel important. You need to hear its thoughts and words.

You can expect a close relationship with your child if you don’t have any time to listen to their problems. Are you even listening? Once you hear what they have to say, give them directions and discuss any solutions or opinions.

6. This is your responsibility

Even toddlers know which actions are positive and which actions provide negative result. Help them learn what’s good and bad. In this way you teach the responsible behavior.

Tell your child that it’s important for its actions, but don’t forget to say that you believe in their abilities to do what they should do.

Your child needs to learn the true meaning of the word “responsibility,” otherwise it won’t have a good life. Mistakes provide good experience and perfect life lesson.

7. You have what it takes to succeed

We all need to try hard and be persistent to succeed in life. First, give your child enough self-esteem. This will protect it against every challenge in life.

Help your child see its inner strength and recognize its weaknesses. In this way it will feel good and confident. Teach your child how to resist negative pressures. Teach them how to be realistic and optimistic about their powers and values.

Children need to believe in their powers. You can help them by believing in them. Celebrate even the slightest success and achievement. Support them when they fail to achieve a goal.

Failure brings success, and help us life a meaningful life. May love and discipline be the pillars of your parenting. Punishment is never an option. It will destroy your child’s self-esteem.

Promote their self-esteem in their early childhood. Your love and discipline will guide children in life, and they will build their dreams with your support.



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